Main South reacts to Holy Cross president’s comments re: Main South

editor’s note: we missed this one, but it still may be of interest to folks …

Subject: Main South reacts to the President of the College of the Holy Cross, Father Michael McFarland, and his comments on Main South and Clark University in today’s T & G article.

When: Today, December 8, 2pm

Location: Front gate of Clark University, 950 Main Street

Worcester City Councilor Barbara G. Haller will be joined by Main South residents and leaders to make a statement about remarks attributed to Father McFarland, President of the College of the Holy Cross in today’s article in the Telegram & Gazette by Jacqueline Reis.

Councilor Haller explains, “Main South residents understand that the College of the Holy Cross is working on improving its town-gown relationship, especially with it near-campus neighbors. Holy Cross has our full support in this effort and we wish them every success. That being said, the residents and business owners of Main South take great umbrage over Reporter Reis’s attributing Fr. McFarland with commenting that ‘there’s so much other crime in Clark’s Main South neighborhood that drunken students aren’t as remarkable as they are near Holy Cross.’”

Haller continues, “After reading the article this morning I emailed Father McFarland with my sense of insult over these remarks. Father McFarland responded quickly with an apology and a request that I convey his ‘sincerest apology to the people of Main South.’ Today’s event is intended to extend this apology as requested.”

“It is equally important to correct the record regarding Main South and Clark University student behaviors. While Main South does indeed suffer from crime problems it does not distract residents from reporting poor behavior, regardless of whether it comes from Clark students or not. In fact, the cooperative partnerships developed by residents with Clark administrators and the Worcester Police Department means that problems, when they arise, are quickly identified and dealt with. In my memory there has never been one occasion with hundreds of Clark students taking over a street in Main South with openly inebriated misbehaviors. It is incorrect for Father McFarland or anyone to imply that this is the case and that neighbors just don’t notice.”

Haller adds, “I am pleased that Father McFarland has recognized the mistake of such characterizations and am pleased to share this with the community.”

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