Main South tonight! 🌜National Night Out brings together Woo cops and the community! 🌃 💙

Photos/text by Ron O’Clair

I was pleased to check out the “Night Out” Celebration held this evening at the community park on Murray Avenue, located behind the Main South YMCA.


It was a wonderfully attended event! The people of the area came out by the hundreds: I estimate that more than 1,000 people turned out!


I was happy to see the youth interacting with the Worcester Police Department officers who participated in the event. We are lucky here in Worcester that our police officers have worked with the community to ease tensions between the two. It has been an ongoing process and one our newest police chief, Steve Sargent, supports 100%.

The Worcester Police Mounted Unit had the horses there earlier in the day, and they were a huge hit with the younger participants. By the time I got there, they had already withdrawn the unit. Still, it was a great time to be had for all who cared to come!