Main South’s Woo Church presents: “Be free – a healing response to abuse”

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Saturday, November 16, at Straight Ahead Ministries, 795 Main St.

This fall, The Woo Church will be hosting a workshop for women entitled “Be Free: A Healing Response to Abuse.” This is a free workshop open to anyone interested in attending. The content focuses on both sexual abuse and domestic violence, and was created to address the striking statistics for abuse in our culture and to allow the past abuse of a survivor to share hope and empowerment with other women. The content is riveting and offers a comprehensive, liberating education on abuse – what it is, what it isn’t, how many people it impacts, and how to get/provide help.

The speaker is Christine Raymond, of Safe Harbor Ministries. She is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in trauma with an established private practice in Auburn; she is also the director of Safe Harbor Ministries. This workshop is offered 3-4 times a year nationwide, and we are so excited to see it come to Main South! So many of our friends and neighbors are living with wounds from the past, or currently being terrorized by abuse. We have an opportunity to let hope reach people through this, and turn our neighborhood into a place of compassion, understanding and help for those who are suffering in our community.

The workshop will be held on Saturday, November 16, at Straight Ahead Ministries, 795 Main Street, Worcester.

Attendees may enter through either the Straight Up cafe, the New You thrift store or through a back door guarded by a uniformed member of our security team.

This workshop will be offered free of charge and registration is not required. There will be two 2.5 hour sessions with a lunch break in between. Lunch will be provided for all volunteers and attendees. On-site childcare will be provided free of charge by volunteers who have been CORI checked and screened.

This workshop is for WOMEN-ONLY.

There will be no male volunteers (other than our security team member, who will remain outside of the workshop area at all times), and an invitation to attend will not be extended to males. This restriction in no way implies that men are not subject to abusive pasts or situations, but rather uses available statistics to create the safest space possible for women to attend and engage. Time will be allotted after each session for prayer and Q&A. Although this workshop is being hosted by The Woo Church, this will not be offered as a church service. No communion will be offered, no offering will be collected, and no expectation will be placed on anyone in attendance to subscribe to any prescribed set of beliefs, truths or spiritual practices. While our church, and the churches helping us staff the workshop, will be offering elements like prayer and live worship music in a format similar to our services, our primary goal is to offering healing and love to everyone, regardless of their beliefs.

… Here is a list of some ways that your group/organization could be involved in helping us to reach more people through this workshop:

Providing a female representative for your organization to set up an informational table at the event. Tables will be provided with advance notice, and all tabling groups will be asked to be on site from 8AM-3PM. Lunch will be provided free of charge.

Providing The Woo Church with publications and/or literature that we may make available for attendees on your organization, and the ways in which it can help them.

Sharing information about this event in a secure way with any clients and/or staff members who might be interested.

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