March with Grace this Labor Day!

Scores of unemployed working people, together with family members and supporters, will be marching in the Marlborough 2010 Labor Day Parade on Sept. 6 together with two-time gubernatorial candidate Grace Ross and the direct-action organization she helps lead, the “Grace Team”.

This colorful and noisy contingent will meet at Chestnut and Pleasant Streets in Marlborough at 11am, and will march wearing work uniforms and union colors, carrying tools of our trade, banners and signs, behind the Grace Team banner which reads: “We don’t sit idly by … We’re not going to take it any more!”

In calling this action together, Grace Ross – who polled at 27% in the May 12 Rasmussen Poll in a three-way matchup with Baker and Cahill, but who failed to win a place on the Democratic Ballot – said:

“Hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents are without jobs, and ten thousand are coming to the end of their unemployment benefits every week. We started this recession behind the average of the rest of the country by 83,000 jobs that we should have re-created by the high of the last upswing in 2007.

“Even though we all know this economic mess was in no way our fault, everyone is still living inside their own individual shame. We have to turn that around so we can work together to force the government to pay attention to the economy regular people have been facing – and are going to continue to face if government policies are not forced to change!”

Grace Ross’ new book on Massachusetts and the economic crisis – “Main Street Smarts – who got us into this economic mess and how we get through it … ” – will be coming off the presses within days.

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