Marty Lamb: Tea Party mouthpiece in “Lamb’s” clothing/Vote for McGovern and Chandler!

By Rosalie Tirella

So besides having to put up with Marty Lamb’s fake news interviews on TV 3, we have this: Lamb claiming in radio ads that his opponent, incumbent Congressman Jim McGovern, has been arrested during these past few years. Arrested! What poppycock!

What the radio ads don’t tell listeners: Jim McGovern was arrested for protesting America’s slow response to the tragedy in Darfur and our two catastrophic wars in the Mid East – both of which McGovern was staunchly against from the get go. He and other folks were calling attention to the issues by calling attention to themselves. Civil Disobedience. You can’t get more American than that (think of Concord’s Henry David Thoreau!).

Jim McGovern will win reelection no sweat, but if he feels he needs to, he should tell voters Marty Lamb wants to kill Medicare, Social Security, the minimum wage, and the civil rights that Martin Luther King Jr. died trying to make a reality. King didn’t get to “the mountain top” he spoke so passionately about in one of his last speeches. He was gunned down by a guy whose actions were the culmination of all the hatred flying around, the vitriole spewed by people like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and now Marty Lamb, the stupid mouthpiece for the Tea Party, here in Central Mass. It used to be George Wallace and the KKK. Now it’s Glen Beck and the Tea Party.

And Harriette Chandler is having her share of headaches from her opponent, the Higgins nut. Higgins was right wing writer’s Pat Buchanan’s vice presidential running mate in the 1990s. And let’s not forget Pat Buchanan was Richard “tricky Dick” Nixon’s speech writer! He practically oozes immorality.

All these slimey guys would never ever make their way to Massachusetts if people weren’t so pissed and afraid these day.

But let us all listen to the better parts of ourselves – pay attention to the ideals embodied by President Obama and Governor Deval Patrick. And Jim McGovern and Harriette Chandler. AND our US Constitution.

We will get through the Great Recession, America. We will prevail. But we need to hang tough and let good men – like Jim McGovern – and women – like Harriette Chandler – lead us.

Vote for McGovern and Chandler!

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