Mass. forges ahead on clean energy: Hearings this week on nation’s largest offshore wind area

Gov. Patrick helping position Mass. as national leader in offshore wind power at upcoming hearings!

New Bedford – This week the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will hold NUMBER hearings on the sale of the nation’s largest offshore wind energy area off the coast of Mass. The sale was announced last week by Governor Patrick and Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel with the promise of securing the Commonwealth’s spot as the nation’s leader in cutting-edge offshore wind development.

In response, James McCaffrey, Senior New England Campaign Representative of the Sierra Club, made the following statement:

Massachusetts is becoming a national leader in developing clean, renewable energy sources as shown by the administration’s latest demonstration of support for building cutting-edge offshore wind power. Investing in offshore wind will create jobs, grow our economy and cut dangerous pollution by helping move our state away from dirty fossil fuels of the past.

“However, while Governor Patrick is making strides toward developing job-creating renewable energy here, he’s planning to substantially increase our reliance on destructive Canadian hydropower. Now is the time to leverage clean energy legislation pending in MA to also prioritize domestic, clean energy sources like offshore wind that will grow our economy right here in New England, not send more of our dollars, and jobs, out of the Commonwealth.”


The Sierra Club is the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit, non-partisan grassroots environmental organization with more than two million members and supporters nationwide dedicated to clean air, clean water, and healthy vibrant communities.