Memorial Day and EVERY day

By Ron O’Clair

I salute all those who have served, past present, and future, to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, FORIEGN and DOMESTIC.

Let us not forget the sacrifices made in the line of duty for our stateside militia, the local and state police forces throughout our country as well. They are involved in the ongoing war on drugs here in the U.S., and it does not look to be over any time soon.

All former veterans should remind themselves that they took the oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution while serving in uniform, but once taken, we never renounced that oath.

I urge all former military to help in the battle that seems unwinnable to restore America to its rightful place as the last great beacon of hope for mankind.

When you see an injustice being perpetrated against a law abiding citizen, take it upon yourself to do everything in your power to stop the injustice, or report it to someone who can.

We should not be held at the mercy of gun-toting, drugged-out gangbangers here in our own communities, and then behave like sheep instead of speaking out, or getting involved in efforts towards soving this problem.

I personally do everything in my power to uphold the tenents of the Constitution, as I feel I never took back the oath I swore upon.

Remember, CIVIL RIGHTS under the Constitution apply to law-abiding citizens, and not law breakers. We seem to have forgotten that.

So this Memorial Day, let us also remember the innocent people that have died right here on our city streets at the hands of our DOMESTIC enemies of the United States Constitution, the criminal element that think they are above the law, and wreak havoc in our communities in their twisted version of their own pursuit of happiness by acquiring wealth with no visible means of support through illegal activities such as narcotics sales.

Never mind this “NO SNITCHING” attitude being displayed by the younger generation out of fear of reprisals. Remember: it is your civic duty as a citizen of these United States to do everything in your power to prevent, or stop crime when you see it, or have knowlege of it.

This includes reporting your knowlege of people who are abusing the system by receiving monetary assistance of any sort without true need, or those that supplement their income by working off the books while collecting benefits intended for the truly needy amongst us.

Everyone wants change, but no one wants to get involved in making change happen. Together, we as a community, can make it happen.

Lets get the killers off our streets so that we have fewer people to remember next Memorial Day.

Former Staff Sergeant United States Air Force Reserve Ronald L. O’Clair lives in Worcester.

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