More from Bill McManus on T & G coverage and Jim Leary’s UMass pay raise

From McManus to the T & G owners: New York Times Company

By Rosalie Tirella

Former Worcester pol Jim McManus recently complained about Lt. Governor Murray guy Jim Leary going from working for Murray in Boston to a specially created job – fit just for him!- at UMass Med and now this news: This year Leary got a huge pay raise at UMass. Thousands and thousands of dollars in salary increase while other UMass Med workers (63) have just been laid off. (Could some med school be playing favorites to make some Lt. Gov happy or to thank him for all those stem cell reasearch center bucks? (or so they can get even more research funding)

People hate it when politicians reward their people with sinecures. They hate to see their tax dollars thrown at some poltical operative – thousands and thousands of dollars – while their pay checks shrink.

Telegram & Gazette columnist Dianne Williamson was obviously oblivious to this. In her column, she spent a few paragraphs poking fun at McManus but never reporting on one of his main points: Leary’s huge pay hike (while other UMass Med workers got laid off). Williamson didn’t, however, forget to slime the Med Center’s president Collins for his recent mega-raise. Is it because Collins is not a member of the good ol’ local boys (Tim Murray) club that she – and Jim Leary – belong to?

Dianne Williamson has been sucking off the Murray/Leary/Bob Spellane crowd for years – defending them from their detractors or (even worse) folks with legit concerns about the way they run their political lives. By not even mentioning the fact that Leary did indeed get an obsenely huge pay raise (a la Collins) – one of the major points of McManus’s email rants – Williamson shows that she indeed plays favorites and (worse yet) covers up/ignores the truth.

Now the McManus emails:


Re: Layoffs, rants, scammers and smokescreens
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 07:25:23 -0400

“Clearly this column [Dianne Williamson’s] was Malicious in its Intent. The fact that the whole issue of [Jim] Leary’s pay raise at UMass was omitted even though this appeared just under the section about [UMass Med’s president] Collins’ smaller pay raise at UMass proves Dianne Williamson is deliberately and intentionally and maliciously skewing her facts to slander me. This was written solely to avoid the issue of Leary’s pay raise of approximately 100% or $80,000 plus and his involvement with Murray’s campaign committee. It was written to attack me for trying to raise the subject. This is slander and serves no other purpose. It serves no other purpose but a vehicle for Williamson to insult me and call me names. Is this the official policy of the Worcester Telegram, and the New York Times and its subsidiaries; to slander and defame anyone who does not agree with their political views?”

And another Bill Mcmanus email:

“Since James Leary raised the issue and denied that it happened, below is both the web linc and a cut and paste listing of the money sent to James and Carolyn Leary by the Tim Murray Committee. From early 2007 until June of 2009 while Carolyn Leary was getting these payments, James Leary was the Chief of Staff for Timothy Murray. Regardless of how much he denies it or how he wants to spin it, while he was the point person for meetings, phone calls, and access to the Lt. Governor, his wife was a paid staff of the Lt. Governor’s Fundraising Committee. The Appearance of A Conflict of Interest and Undue Influence alone warrant scrutiny. THINK OF IT THIS WAY, while a person was being directed to deal with Jim Leary in order to get information with or to or from the Lt. Governor, it was his wife with the same last name working on fundraising issues. There’s nothing libelous about questioning the appropriateness of this. And I would love to be able to subpoena the phone logs of the Lt. Governor’s Office to compare them with the names and dates of those on his fundraising list. Finally, how dare Mr. Leary threaten me for questioning his official duties as Chief of Staff for the Lt. Governor and his simultaneous connection with the Lt. Governor’s paid campaign and fundraising staff. The Appearance of Impropriety alone is worthy of question AND has no malicious intent whatsoever. Seeking the truth from elected officials is not malicious.”