More on Christina Andrianopoulos!

By Rosalie Tirella

I have been reading the shit-storm that has engulfed Christina Andrianopoulos. When I first read about her, I thought, knowing what I know: keep out of it, Rose; you have enough to write about; have a bit of restraint. But I can’t resist! This is just too juicy!

Two funny Christina stories that just show you what kinda “star” this old gal is: I go out with a guy who is a contractor/carpenter. He told me this story about Christina, only he called her “the cunt.” Several years ago, Christina hired him to do some handyman work at her house. He did the work. Then she called him Christmas eve – the night of her big holiday party at her home. She asked him to come down and trim the door he had just put in. She had just installed new wall-to-wall carpeting, and the door wasn’t closing properly. He – wanting the cash – made a house call to Christina’s home on Christmas eve. He did the job. The door closed the right way. He gave her her bill.

He said Christina was rich and lived in a fine house and hung out with this old guy, also rich. He didn’t think she would balk at the price. She gave him some money, but she wouldn’t give him the rest. The balance? A whopping $50. She told him no way, Jose.

My guy being litigious as hell got righteously pissed. He decided to take “the cunt” to small claims court to get his money. He told Christina he would do this. She said something like this to my guy, who wears carpenter pants, tee shirts and sweat shirts because HE IS WORKING: “Take me to court! The judge will take one look at you and rule in favor of me!” She laughed at him. She being the rich and famous and illustrious Christina – he being the low-life handyman.

Boy, was she in for a surprise!

My guy said he left “the cunt’s” house, and a few days later filed papers at the Worcester Court House. The court date came and Christina vs. the Handyman was next on the docket. Christina didn’t know what she was up against: yes, he may look like the drummer “Animal” from the Muppet Show band but he is brutal and smart, smart, smart. Well, they’re in court – Christina dressed to the nines, the handyman in tee shirt, work pants and work boots (probably looking a bit dusty, too). My guy says Christina got up in front of the clerk magistrate and lied her head off. He said she must have thought the judge would be blinded by her botoxed-beauty and swallow the bullshit she was spewing at him. He, the wily handyman succinctly told the judge about the job he did for Christina. He was armed with receipts, contracts, dates … a file-folder full of documents supporting his case.

He won in about two seconds.

The millionaire Christina – the woman who says she’s “a good person” – had to pay a handyman $50.


Christina Story #2

I visited my mom last week, and as we were flipping through the TV channels, we saw Christina’s show. My mom, who doesn’t curse and is actually quite meek, said: “Who is that old slut? Change the channel!”

“Ma!” I said. “I can’t believe you just said that!”

“Look at her low-cut blouse!” my mom said, screwing up her face in disgust.

My mom was right. Christina’s shriveled little boobies were popping outa her push-up bra. I kinda felt sorry for them. They obviously needed some sheltering, besides lifting and “support.”

Yup. Way to go, Wormtown! This is exactly the kind of “celebrity” Worcester would end up with.

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