More on Holy Cross!

A few letters from ICT readers that seemed especially appropriate, seeing all the Holy Cross kiddies have asked their friends and parents and their invisible pals (new identities with new email accounts, boys and gals???) to barrage us with lets to the editor.

But first a few thoughts: 1. My cousins and uncle attended “The Cross.” It was never filled with as many spoiled little pukes as it is today. 2. This state (hello, Deval and Tim Murray) needs to talk up UMass Amherst – tell the country what a great university it is! UMass is at the forefront of stem cell research, etc and has been given a wad of $ from our governor. Deval needs to make some great TV commercials, a la former prez Bulger. 3. The WPD needs to get tough with these kids – arrest and lock up!

Now, our readers:

Letter #1 – Bad Apples

By Edward A. Saucier

Remember the old adage that a few bad apples spoil the bunch? Well. that’s the mindset taking over the Holy Cross attitude. Everyone knows that all the students aren’t “bad apples.” They are there for an education. But when the HC president writes an article that the problem is complex and the VP calls a leader of the College Hill Civic Group “useless” that makes me thing they (the management) are a big part of the problem.

The punks who party all weekend long can’t be keeping up with their studies, so what happens to them? Do they flunk out and be replaced by more drunks or what? This lousy situation has been going on for many years I hear. Maybe Holy Cross is following the example of Yale, Harvard and U.S. Naval Academy who catered to the like of George W. Bush and John S. McCain III ( and probably a lot more like them) who were drunks and skirt chasers during their college days. It must have cost their families a bundle of cash and favors to get them diplomas.

The HC drunk crew has to come from big money or they wouldn’t be wasting their time on the weekend party circuit. They have to know they will be taken care of with family money, diplomas or not. Evidentially they think they are above everyone else and HC management as well as the WPD police chief think the same way. It may be time for the College Hill people to dispense justice the old fashion way.


Letter #2 – WPI students: the kidz are all right

By Former North Shore Hell’s Angel

I have lived in the heart of WPI-land for 15 years. The students may be closeted alcoholics, but they are not public.

They are not in my bushes, they are not on my front lawn, they are not fornicating on my porch. Otherwise, we’d have a problem. I’d be in the legal system. They’d be in the ER.

WPI students are just annoying nerds, but they are not really in anyone’s face. They’re not a police nuisance.

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