My thoughts on the Singapore Summit … and … news from Save Notre Dame Church!

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By Ron O’Clair

The Singapore Summit between our current President Donald J. Trump and North Korean Premier Kim Jong Un that just took place will no doubt be a historical moment. There are many here in Worcester who do not support our current administration, quite vociferously in opposition, in fact.

I have been writing articles for InCity Times/CECELIA featuring Worcester’s Democratic Party, democratic politicians and have come to know most of the people involved in Worcester politics through my own run for Worcester City Council. I have many friends who are Democrats, Republicans and Independents. I think I have done pretty well separating my own politics from my published work. …

… The progress made by our President and the North Korean Premier is a good start on the road to a successful conclusion that should benefit everyone. No one in their right mind would actually want a nuclear war to happen anywhere in the world. It would destroy our planet and billions of people would suffer horrendously.

Regardless of how you feel about Donald J. Trump, you must be – as I am – elated that peace talks are underway at last, our U.S. MIA and KIA soldiers’ remains will be brought home for burial, and we can embark on a new, hopefully peaceful, relationship with the North Korean government.

There are those reading this who will not give an inch of credit to Trump, and I understand how that can be. But what about giving credit to the other people who had a part in bringing this day about? People like the brutalized and tortured – by the North Korean government – Otto Warmbier who gave his life in sacrifice, unknowingly, which led to international media coverage of his death … Or the bizarre, longtime friendship of NBA’s Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un, which helped open the door to the current administration. It was rebuffed by the previous administration.

The fact that Dennis Rodman, like Kanye West, suffered death threats from his own supposed “friends” -for his political activities and beliefs – should open the eyes of all Americans. There are many people who are clearly blinded by hatred to the point of absurdity – especially when it comes to anything to do with the present administration.

What benefits one, benefits all. I believe the summit was a good start on the road to a better future for everyone on the planet! Those who find fault with it, should perhaps reexamine their priorities. Stop the hatred of all things based on personal feelings of ill will towards President Trump. Forgive the past, as the leaders have done, and concentrate on moving forward with the best interests of the people in mind, all of the people, equally under our laws as intended by our United States Constitution.

Let us at least attempt to focus our energies on what is good about America of today: our booming economy, our improved employment opportunities for all people, lowered taxes spurring increased business development, fewer people on relief & food stamps(?).

How can anyone at this point still deny the positives that have come in the last nearly two years?

We must focus on the positive and stop dwelling on the negative. Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is a very good thing for everyone!

May the God of our understanding continue to bless our nation in positive ways.

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Community leaders seek injunction to enforce state review of Notre Dame des Canadiens demolition

Thirteen Massachusetts residents, including community leaders and members of the Save Notre Dame Alliance, filed a civil action on Tuesday in Worcester Superior Court seeking an injunction to prevent the demolition of Notre Dame des Canadiens until such time as the legally required impact review process is completed.

The destruction of Notre Dame without state review to seek alternatives to demolition would violate the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (“MEPA”). This is because Notre Dame is listed on the Inventory of Historic and Archeological Assets of the Commonwealth, and before any listed building can be demolished as part of a development using state funds MEPA requires an exhaustive public review by state agencies to look for alternatives.

The suit against CitySquare II Development Company (a subsidiary of Hanover Insurance) claims the firm never filed the required notice with EOEEA or MHC to initiate the review as the law requires.

The court set a hearing for Thursday, June 14, at 2 PM in room 20 on the 4th floor of the Worcester County Courthouse (225 Main St.) to hear the plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction to bar demolition while the suit is pending.

If the court grants a permanent injunction, CitySquare II would not be allowed to demolish the church while the review MEPA requires is under way.

Plaintiff Ted Conna said “we hope that the review process will identify alternatives to demolition, and that this landmark historic building can be saved and restored. If that happens, Notre Dame will add both economic and cultural value to everything around it. But even if the review process does not produce any new solution to save Notre Dame, we felt it was important on principle to defend the law—in this case, the law that says that when state agencies and state funding are involved, the state’s historic assets cannot be demolished without proper review. I’ve been asking myself for months, how can it be legal that a building of such historic importance could be demolished without MHC review? Well, it turns out that it’s not legal.”

“Some may call us obstructionist for bringing this action,” Conna continued, “but I’d rather be called that than be a ‘destructionist.’ I think an obstructionist tries to prevent someone else from creating something, but that’s not what’s going on here at all. We are trying to prevent the defendants from destroying something of great value to our community, with no plans to replace it with anything other than a vacant lot. The lot across Trumbull Street from Notre Dame was vacant for nearly 50 years after all the buildings there were demolished to make way for an office tower that was never built. How is that progress? I think ‘protectionist’ and ‘preservationist’ are far more accurate words for what we are trying to do, which is to protect and preserve an important historic building for the Worcester community.”