National Geographic is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2013!

I remember falling in love with animals as a kid, thanks in part to the wonderful National Geographic TV specials, Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom and “Daktari” weekly TV shows – all wonderful showcases for animals and nature. Not hyper violent and hyper noisy and hyper brutal the way animal shows look today. It was real back then but not sensationalized. I actually teared up when I saw the photo below. I remember watching my ย “Jane” meet and love the beautiful chimps. I met her when she was at Mechanics Hall almost 15 years ago, trying to raise money for her chimp sanctuaries, etc. Wow. What a grand life! To see more photos, click on link below photograph: – Rosalie Tirella

125 years of National Geographic โ€“ in pictures

National Geographic is celebrating itsย 125th anniversary in 2013. Here is a selection of photographs published by the magazine and the stories behind them …

National Geographic 125: National Geographic celebrates 125 years


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