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Back to School Snacks!

By Chef Joey

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Chef Joey!


Having a 5-year-old (Gigiโค) …

Miss Gigi eating Papa’s home-cookin’! pics: Chef Joey

… I have created a snack space in my refrigerator. These snacks are usually what Gigi picks for herself from the fresh fruit section. Right now, it is cherries, bananas, grapes, oranges and apples. Right next to that are squeezable oranges – and the only drink option is water. Soda and juice is havoc on young teeth – not to mention sugar is not healthy for growing bones. The fiber and natural sugar in fruit is key to having a healthy child.

Frozen veggies sometimes contain more vitamins than veggies in your supermarket produce section! … And plenty of VEGAN options in your Trader Joes freezer aisle.

While your little one is sitting at the table doing lessons, …


… slice up an apple and squeeze a little lemon juice and toss the slices in there – it will stop the apple slices from turning brown. Have healthy snacks at the ready … even celery with peanut butter versus crackers with empty calories are a good snack with protein. Gogurt yogurt sticks frozen are a great snack too in moderation.

Joey’s fresh fruit bin

The bottom line is you can snack on carrot sticks for $2 for a couple of days, celery and peanut butter too … and a dish of raisins satiates a food craving. Use your intuition and take it back 50 years ago when there was not all this processed stuff in the grocery store! You will feel better and save more money than you thought possible.

Sweet potato sticks – healthier than French fries!

Since you are at home during the novel coronavirus pandemic use the time to bake your own cookies, quick simple, healthy – and a $2 bag of flour yields about 200 or more cookies and pancakes!

Here is a quick pancake mix that costs peanuts. Society makes us think we must buy it boxed โ€“ nope you make it fresh!



1 cup flour

1 tsp sugar

pinch salt

1 tsp baking powder in a bowl

Add 2 tbsp of oil and then ยผ cup of milk of your choice, for lighter milks (like almond etc.) add a bit more.

Add a beaten egg for extra protein and thatโ€™s it.

Make sure your pan is nice and hot and have it pre-greased with a high heat oil (like sunflower) rubbed with a paper towel. And there you have it! Instead of syrup, use fruit. This also works in a waffle maker.

Have fun, and you can turn the pancake mix into a home economics class!

Zucchini pancakes made by Chef Joe!