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Home-stretch Jitters

By Edith Morgan


Itโ€™s almost here: November 3rd, the final day for voting in this election. For our next President. And I am understandably nervous, not sure what to anticipate: Is there some dastardly trick lurking in the Trump playbook? (Remember the last-minute Comey publicizing of some of Hillaryโ€™s e-mails? Too late to check and find out, there was, after all, nothing there to see!)

So, let us decide that any last-minute political tricks must be ignored and taken for what they are: Dirty tricks to derail the election results.

It is too late to mail in your ballot, as the USPS has been so badly hobbled that it takes eight days or more to get a ballot to its destination. Now it will take patience and courage to make sure your ballot counts. I voted early, in person, at one of the cityโ€™s designated sites and watched my envelope with my ballot go into the box, supervised by a policeman.

Early voting is still going on until October 30, and we also have the drop-in boxes. I wanted to be TOTALLY sure, so I went I person.

Meanwhile, the Trump lies go on, and people are being misled. The latest I hear is that this novel coronavirus is like the flu virus or the regular cold virus and that some imagined cheaters are reporting flu and cold deaths as COVID deaths! Absurd as that is, some people are falling for it, and acting on it.
Yes, COVID 19 is a virus, and yes, like the flu, it is contagious. And Yes, the symptoms can be similar. But the flu virus is seasonal, mildly contagious (we have never had to shut everything down when the flu hits, and we have had vaccines for its various manifestations every year). The crucial difference is that the corona virus is far more easily transmitted, as yet has no vaccine against it, and seems not to be limited to a season. Also, we seem to be in a strong resurgence, this time in ALL parts of the country. Now we see that it also hits the younger crowd, although the fatalities seem not to be as high as for those in my age group (I just turned 90).

There is a lot of talk about immunity โ€“ โ€œif youโ€™ve had it you are immuneโ€ โ€“ but we do not yet know if that immunity lasts, or for how long.

So, I for one, plan to wear my facial mask and wash my hands and keep my distance until next summer. By then I hope we will have universal testing, with almost immediate results available and a reliable vaccine, available to us all.

So, letโ€™s get through the next week with hope and planning. And as we approach Thanksgiving, let us believe that we will have much to be thankful for!