New Edith Column: In praise of Worcester City Govt!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜œ

The City of Worcester at Work!

By Edith Morgan


These days I get up late because I have turned my day around: I stay up very late, so naturally I get up very late, too. This past Tuesday, before I was really awake, I heard a very loud thump outside my window (I sleep on the third floor of my Victorian). Within minutes my doorbell began ringing furiously. I ran down in my pajamas, and found my neighbor with his umbrella, telling me there had been an accident.

And sure enough, at the intersection, two cars, and lots of people were there. Within minutes the Worcester fire truck came, WPD police and ambulance soon thereafter. I got a good look at the damage: one car โ€œtotaled,โ€ one with its driverโ€™s side caved in – and my car, parked on the street where I always park, perilously close to the totaled car.

After I got dressed and got my umbrella, I found that seemingly the only damage to my car was minor: a broken headlight cover and some โ€œbruises” on the front bumper. Tow trucks came … All the usual events that accompany accidents took place, and soon things returned to some semblance of quiet and order.

I go into all this detail, as this is a frequent happening on this corner in our neighborhood, and we (my neighbors and I) had already petitioned the City of Worcester/City Council to make this intersection a four-way stop. We detailed the reasons which we thought were convincing, and today our petition was taken up by the City Council subcommittee chaired by City Councilor Donna Colorio. I had seen her driving down my street, looking over the site, in preparation for todayโ€™s hearing about our petition.

It is a revelation to listen to all the other petitions from abutters who have many of the same problems we were having โ€“ and it was a great insight into how our complaints are heard, in this age of COVID19.

I am โ€œtechnologically challengedโ€ so my grandson came by to help me phone in my testimony – and I was able to hear and see the other petitioners. I am still somewhat frustrated at the way we are heard, but little by little, I am getting used to this way of communicating without being physically in the room.

Four of us from my area testified. Now we wait, for the next stop. But we got heard and not seen … It may be that we will have to follow this up, but we took the first step And I got a chance to see what kinds of street and parking problems others in Worcester were facing. It was enlightening!



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