NEW! G. DAVIS column here: Worcester will be the butt of Donald Trump’s racism and hatred when he comes to town this week!

By Gordon Davis

This Wednesday Worcester will choose between racist, fear-monger, woman-berating, immigrant-hating Donald Trump and BlackLives Matter.

The racist Trump TV circus will be at the DCU Center on that day.  

There is a BlackLives Matter meeting sponsored by PLP at Centro Las Americas about police arresting kids at school on the same day at 6 PM.

Trump will make our city the “straight man” and the butt of his offensive rants.  

When thousands of people show up for his offensive and racist media show, the world will see Worcester as a backwards city full of backwards people.

It is said that Worcester County has the largest number of Tea Party people.  

Going to the Trump circus will give credence to that perception and Worcester will look stupid.

I guess I should not find it surprising that many people, even some who do not like Trump, will go to the DCU center because they like all the exciting “action” and the lights of the TV camera. I suppose it is something of an event.

I think other people like Worcester City Councilors Konnie Lukes and Michael Gaffney, who have similar right wing politics,will go and see him.

Worcester School Committee women Donna Colorio and Dianna Biancharia might like him as well. 

Donald Trump might eventually be as credible as some European fascists who used/use a combination of racism, misogyny, nationalism, and anti communism to come into power.  
Many people in the United States are alienated and find it hard to deal with our low paychecks, low standard of living and the fact this country will soon have a non White majority population. 

Several White Supremacy groups have already endorsed The Donald.

Candidate Trump has said that he will create a new national police force of Deportation Enforcement and new forms of concentration camps.

How else can you deport 11 million people?

He has made racist comments about Mexicans and other immigrants.

He has belittled the civil rights movement.

He has devalued the contribution of women to society.

He has made light of the heroism of American soldiers.

Some progressive people will say that they will go and oppose Trump. This is a good thing. However, Trump will bully these good people on National TV and boost his fake image of being a tough guy.

It might be better for people to boycott Trump’s visit and his racist circus.

It might be good for people to go to the BlackLives Matter meeting at Centro Las Americas in Worcester and help end the school to prison pipeline.

There is no clear Worcester policy for the use of police power in the schools and the arrest of children.

The City’s policy should be clarified and revised to ensure that the interests of the children are taken into account. Police in the schools are not educators …

Wednesday will tell us much about the character of Worcester.

The hatred of Donald Trump?

Or the creating of safe schools for all Worcester kids?