No-show Joe?

By Rosalie Tirella

Mayor Joe Petty OR: No-Show Joe?

Where was our newly elected mayor, Joe Petty, a few nights ago? On the day of a tentatively scheduled meeting with me, Danny Donaghue, Petty’s assistant at the Mayor’s office, called me to say Mayor Petty could not meet with me because this MBTA meeting had come up. Tres important! Joe Petty had to be there! Could we reschedule our meeting?

I agreed! Wormtown can’t lose trains! After all, that’s why we’ve allowed CSX to expand, to dump hundreds of freight cars/tons of pollutants into our gritty city (to make it even grittier).

But to our surprise: Worcester’s mayor, the titular head of our city, was a no-show at the MBTA meeting. City Councilor (and pal) Ric Rushton read a letter to the MBTA from our Mayor Petty, expressing the mayor’s hopes and dreams for train travel in Worcester.

Now was this in the best interest of Worcester? To have the Mayor of Worcester MIA during an important meeting, a meeting upon which Worcester’s economic growth/image to the outside world depends? Having a surrogate read a letter? How totally non-effective! Say what you say about L. Gov. Tim Murray, but he would have been at the meeting (as mayor) pounding his fists, railing against the Boston Machine (which he is now a part of)! Maybe all the drama would have changed a few minds.

Not with No-Show Joe!

Mayor Petty, fellow councilor and political opponent Konnie Lukes said your full-time Boston job may take you away from your Worcester job as mayor. That being in Boston would mean not being able to attend early meetings in Worcester. Not being able TO REPRESENT OUR CITY AND ITS RESIDENTS’ INTERESTS.

Let’s hope this isn’t a taste of things to come.

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