No Worcester City Council meeting this Tuesday … and a tune

Woo city council doesn’t meet this coming Tuesday (Passover). The Worcester School Committee is also taking a break – Holy Thursday.

Here is one of my favorite video clips re: JESUS!!!! Mary M. falls in love with him …

From one of my favorite movies about Jesus – JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR! Seen it so many times!!! Watch it this Easter and be moved!

Jesus was/still is a super star! Lover of whores, tax cheats, lepers, poor people, prodigal sons (and daughters, like me)! Fuck ups of every stripe. Why not love the outsider?! he said. So easy to love the cool! Easy to be cold, easy to be hard …

I don’t know if Jesus is the son of God (What’s that anyway, except life lived?!). I haven’t gone to church – except for my late mom’s funeral – in 30 years. Yet I love Jesus! I love his earthiness, his righteousness, his ability to throw a wicked excellent party! He was an amazing human! So amazing we have a religion all about HIM.

If Jesus were to come to earth today, I would drop everything, leave everybody (but take Jett!) and follow HIM!

– R. Tirella

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