Oh, girl

By Rosalie Tirella

Will Trump win Tuesday, Nov. 8?

Will the electorate go rogue and annoint the crazy one?

Is our hatred for Hillary and all the Clinton baggage so acute and absolute that we’re willing to surrender nuclear codes to Donald Trump? Allow him to nominate Supreme Court Justices? Start a pissing contest with ISIS? Deny global warming as he revives the  coal industry?

Who slipped the tabs of acid into our orange Koolaid?

Why are we so freaked out?

Don’t kid yourselves! The nominees are a reflection of our American psychosis! Years of $7/$8 minimum wage, unpaid family leave, hungry American kids (20%), and the fact that Black Lives don’t Matter in America can do that to a country. The jobs have changed, disappeared … workers have lost their homes. We cried out in anguish, but the political elite went right on nibbling their arugula salads. So now we’re having a meltdown and Trump is the symptom of our malady!

“I don’t care,” the OIF said to me, “I’m voting for him.” He  – once a tree hugger who voted – twice! – for Jerry Brown is voting for The Donald next Tues. Even though he knows better. He said, with a shake of his hoary head, that Trump was “imploding” what with all his gaffes and gropings, but he was still voting for him. FOR A BIG CHANGE. Something that Hillary/the Clintons can not deliver.

The OIF, like many white, older, blue collar guys  loathes Hillary, but he also believes America needs to be shaken to her core. The OIF is no dummy – he was one class short of getting his BA in English Lit,  was offered a job on the copy desk of the main daily in Syracuse, and uses words like “impoding.” He can TIG weld, build a house even! AND write beautifully. A true Renaissance Man!

But I digress! The OIF (sorta) represents the group that can make Trump the next POTUS. He has experienced what Trump first talked of, quite movingly, early on in the campaign: job loss, a changing American and global economy. The racism is there too. The OIF has competed for and lost jobs in roofing, painting etc to newer Americans who often used undocumented workers from their homelands to do the labor. They could undercut the OIF’s job bids because they were paying their guys shit wages under the table. Often they were offering their services to customers for 2/3 the price the OIF would charge. The OIF is fully licensed, takes all the required classes$$$ and spends mucho $$$$ following the laws/working within the system.  He’s got to charge customers more money to cover his expenses and still make a profit. But he often loses jobs to the cheaters. And this  is happening to working guys all over the country. It’s changed their businesses, trashed their standard of living…affected their lives – and made them prejudiced. In the beginning of the election cycle the OIF would say to me – laughing because he thought Trump was funny and entertaining when he watched him on the boob tube – “You know, he’s right about a lot of things.”

How could the rich, cheating, playboy Trump reach into the OIF’s very soul and pluck out his pain? How did narcissist Trump become empathic and feel the OIF’s pain? He’s never been a friend to the working man!

This is the confusing/sad part: America wanting to hang her dreams on Donald Trump – Trump unable to rise to the occasion. Trump imploding.

Yet his supporters still support him. They excuse his bad, his God awful, even criminal behavior, because they  love him – and loathe Hillary and the Clinton political dynasty.

Sometimes I wanna go rogue too and color the oval next to Donald Trump on my ballot… I know a president Hillary Clinton will be slightly to the right of President Obama, even though today it seems like she’ll govern from the left.  Under a President Clinton things will chug along in America pretty much as they have during these past eight years. Watching her on TV give uninspiring speeches and interact with the press and the people in a robotic way has left me uninspired. Much of America will still be in pain if Hillary Clinton becomes our next president. But choosing Donald Trump isn’t the answer: there will just be more pain.