On Being 52 … or Walking into the Power of my Wisdom


By Parlee Jones

Peace, CECELIA/InCity Times people!! Hoping everyone is feeling groovy!

It’s my Birthday month and I am 52 years old!!! Power Wisdom in the mathematics I use to make sense of the world. The truth of my words, the truth in my words, the truth through my words.

Walking into the power of my wisdom to speak truth … and harming none along the way.

Walking into the power of my wisdom with a circle of women and a village that loves and supports me.

Walking into the power of my wisdom to help better the quality of life and future for my people.

March 4th, “never back” has been my natural born mantra for many years. And this birthday, as each birthday, is a blessing. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, healthy children, people who love me and a source of income. All things that we need to have a “happy life.” Not saying there is no struggle, because, I do. But … I am so grateful to have a foundation from which to work.

That being said, one of the places I struggle is transitioning from a hands-on mom to a woman with older children who are living their own lives. Transitioning into my own life, again. Can I remember a time I did not have children? It’s been almost 21 years since that time! I don’t think I can remember that far back! I am Reclaiming My Time! (to quote the amazing U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters)

Transitioning into my own life, again. I have plenty of projects and other tasks to keep me busy. I just have to focus on me. This is a great time for new beginnings as spring is on its way! A time of rebirth!
pics: R.T.

But how do I start? Where do I dive in? All questions I have time to figure out … Once I stop celebrating my birthday! For me it is a month-long celebration! As I celebrate with my Pisces sisters and move into Aries season! Just quick things and ways to bring the focus back on myself, as I walk into the power of my wisdom. All these celebrations, be it lunch, dinner, drinks, or just a quiet conversation with a friend or two. My focus is to see what I want to do next in my life.

Of course, there is the publish a book idea. That would be to put all my writings and poetry into one space, as has been suggested by a few of my loved ones. Or focus more on OurStory Edutainment and bring more programming to our city. Hoping to catch the exercise bug so I can lose a few times and get a little healthier. Hmmm. The possibilities are endless! For those of you who have already gone through this process … any suggestions? Please feel free to email me or Rosalie with your thoughts or suggestions.

All I know is that I want to truly enjoy THIS ONE LIFE that we have all been given. One of my biggest life lessons is understanding that we only get this one! One Life. And, we may get a sucky hand every now and then, but we must, we must wake up daily and make the best of whatever comes our way. I will continue to come from a place of love, as I walk into the power of my wisdom, forever grateful for all the lessons this life has taught me. Thanking my ancestors and elders for the power of their wisdom as I reach out to move forward!

I am grateful for my friends, family and extended loved ones as I celebrate all month long!!! So, if you see me, please make sure you give me my birthday hug!!! As long as you have my best intentions in your heart, I will gladly accept your energy. Because one thing, walking into the power of my wisdom that I have learned, is that I can make choices of what I want to accept and what I will have nothing to do with, and negative energy is something that I will have nothing to do with!

I love you!