On the opening of the city’s new branch libraries: GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

By Rosalie Tirella

It makes no sense! Four new branch libraries to open in Worcester – in our public schools – and only one is in a true inner-city hood!!!! Neighborhoods where resources are most needed! Places where kids and families need educational tools and CDs and DVDs, etc. Places where our inner-city kids can expand their minds.

Instead we get … Tatnuck!! All the families there have cars and $$ and computers at home!! Why do they need a branch library?! They have the resources!!!


Yes, the Goddard School was a good choice: a branch library for students there and the community (after school hours) is what Main South needs. But what about Green Island? South Worcester? Quinsig Village? Union Hill? Piedmont? Vernon Hill? Where are OUR branch libraries? All of these city neighborhoods have city schools in them and they are home to so many low-income families whose kids may not have access to the Internet, Nooks and other tablets, etc. Parents may be too poor to rent DVDs, buy CDs. English may not be their primary language. It would be so cool for our inner-city kids to be able to go to their neighborhood library to check out important materials – to have staff help them with homework. These kids may not even have a quiet place at home to do their homework! A neighborhood library would have been grand.

Why must Worcester’s inner-city families keep taking it in the chin? Where is the justice?

City officials say their choices were based on parking spaces and reading results… meaning only kids who did well on reading tests get libraries in their hoods? What Worcester reading numbers, “facts,” etc were city officials studying? It’s like they have done the opposite of what they should have done!!! It would make sense that we as a city would want to SHORE UP our struggling readers/families, bring kids who struggle with reading and homework up to speed. A branch library would only HELP accomplish this goal.

Why can’t we whack City Manager Mike O’Brien in the puss with a frying pan?!

Ask him: who are the city movers and shakers who whined and said they wanted the libraries near their kids, their families???

Yes, a frying pan! Maybe that’ll knock some sense into O’Brien, who abruptly shut down all of our inner-city pools serveral years ago, after promising the community he would look at their pool-building suggestions (RIP Save Our Poolz). After promising me at the YMCA Greendale branch, where he was picking up HIS kids from their swimming/summer fun, that he would NOT close the city’s pools.

Who is this guy?

Why can’t we feed him to the yaks?

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