On the road!!!

By Rosalie Tirella

That’s me (below) in my shack (in my bathroom) in Quinsig Village! Just last week! Heading out to do InCity Times stuff! As you can see, the rag has kept me fairly trim – lost another five pounds this spring, thanks to runnin’ ICTimes and my high-energy Husky mix, Jett, who always needs to be walked.

We will be celebrating InCity Times’ (the newspaper’s) 12’th anniversary next month! Not this issue, but the next! I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! It is still soooo wonderful to drive around the city I love, meeting people I love, putting together a paper I love! I relish the smiles and the mischievous grins I get whenever I put down a stack of  ICTs! You get me, like a good friend or cousin would! Validation from so many folks who love my columns on my mom, our stories, our perspective. And nothing beats hitting the streets of WOO and getting: “Jeez! You’re Rosalie?! You look nice! Much nicer than, um, than – ” “Than some of my columns?!” I interject, grinning. Some of my readers expect me to be this huge person, with this huge, scary dog! Then they meet me and Jett and are pleasantly surprised!

This website has been around for around four years and is a blast (for me)! Love posting my fave songs for you! As you can tell, I am a frustrated hippie musician!

Just checked the Googleanalytics site (don’t check it very often) and learned this website has 1,800 or so unique readers! This makes me feel good, too! InCity Times’ perspective – out there proud, a tad pugilistic, but drizzled with da love!

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