One College Hill resident writes re: her Holy Cross college neighbors

By T. Jablanski

I am the Director-elect of Junior Clubs for the General Federation of Woman’s Club here in Massachusetts. I am also a resident of College Hill. I take issue with Eileen’s’ comment “While Worcester residents are busy complaining about undergrads drinking a lot, Holy Cross students are contemplating serious real-world problems. Furthermore, they are actually contributing something to the world. I encourage you to take a look at the overwhelming numbers of students that choose to devote their time and talent to volunteer programs such as the Peace Corp and Teach for America.”

I devote much of my life to a volunteer organization that addresses “real-world problems,” victims of domestic violence, teen suicide, homeless veterans, homeless shelters, the elderly, the sick and the poor. I work to empower women of all ages to improve their communities through volunteerism.

I also live on College Hill. This is my home, the place I come to, to rest and re-group so that I can go back into the world and do the volunteer works that I do. I also consider myself a good neighbor; I am polite, friendly, invested and respectful of those around me.

But when I am unable to sleep and rest and I am awakened at the earlier hours of the morning, with my dog barking, my granddaughter crying and men and women alike laughing, singing, screaming, horns honking, music blaring it makes for a very grouchy neighbor. I am sickened at the thought of my granddaughter playing in a yard where the night before I witnessed several young men urinating all over my fence and shrubs.

I think the vast majority of students are respectful, well behaved, and good neighbors; it is the few that are corrupting the reputation of the many. One doing good works, college students or regular folks who chose to volunteer, has nothing to do with being respectful and conscientious of those living around you.

I say party, party on. I too like to raise a glass or two. I have parties at my home. However, I can assure you that my party goers will not urinate on your lawn will not trash your yard or your neighbors and will not raise you from a dead sleep at 1:30 in the morning. This has nothing to do with where you receive your education from, your heritage or your food preference. It’s all about respect for each other and personal accountability.

Party, but do so without music so loud that residences are forced to use ear plugs and sleep medications just to get a night’s sleep. Party without trashing our neighborhood, without using my or my neighbor’s yard as a toilet and finally go home without honking, singing and screaming. Then perhaps as a resident of College Hill I and my neighbors can get the rest needed to physically tackle some of those “serious real-world problems” and be proud and pleased with the place we call our neighborhood and our homes.

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