One Ice Oval – hold the cops!

By Rosalie Tirella

Drove by the Ice Oval yesterday evening. Not a bunch of folks, maybe around 35/40. What stood out? The blatant Worcester Police presence. Wusta style. Maybe lazy style. That is our finest were not out walking the oval beat. No. This Oval Team had their police cruiser parked right at the edge of the freaking ice Oval!

I mean the cop cruiser was right on the grass, right by the ice skating. I thought, Has there been a shooting already?

But there were no paddy wagons, the way there used to be when the Paris Cinema and its masturbaters were in full bloom.

Then I thought, How sad. The police cruisers will be parked right by the skaters, right at the edge of the ice rink whenever it’s in use. Not very Norman Rockwell picture postcard. Not very Christmas.

Then I thought, Why couldn’t we see this kind of police presence at the old PIP HOMELESS SHELTER a stone’s throw away on Main Street? A cop cruiser parked in the PIP parking lot, or better yet the police substation main south folks had been begging for, would have done wonders for the hood. Really put a crimp in all the heroin dealing and prostitution.

But hey, that police duty is dangerous and work. More fun to commit precious resources to the skaters.

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