One ICT reader on Joff Smith’s “half-way” (done?!) house!

By Joseph Daniels

Please review the background of Joffrey Smith, who is running for the Mass State House. You might consider checking the records from the Worcester Registry of Deeds concerning the residence of City Councilor Joff Smith on 37 Barry Road, Worcester, MA.

One major factor that caused the housing bubble was people’s ability to get sub-prime mortgages for homes they could not afford to keep and maintain. I think you’ll find that Joff Smith, through his initial mortgage at Country Wide and his re-fi, falls within these parameters. Presently, Mr. Smith is at least $50,000 “upside down” on his house. How is our self-proclaimed financial genius (as we’ve been told over and over and over… “I have an economic degree from the University of Hartford”) able to get himself in this situation?

Apparently, his two full bathrooms have been out of commission since January of 2010 (I hope he has the proper permits), because he can’t afford to fix them. He had a leak in the wet wall that has caused him to knock down the wall between the bathrooms. He has had to clean up the mold and re-do the plumbing, walls and fixtures.

How can we have him take care of our house, when he can’t take care of his own house?

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