One InCity Times reader on Wonderpoop

editor’s note: Wow! I just got this great letter from an InCity Times reader on Wonderpoop! Thank you!

Everyone in this city knows what a jealous, negative loser Wonderpoop is. Cyber bully extraordinaire. He has nothing good to say about anybody in Worcester. I am glad folks know the awful truth.

Here is the letter:

The writings of “Wonderidiot”

By Nisa

The writings of “Wonderidiot” reveal that the person is a venomous and always angry malcontent who is bent on attacking individuals, organizations and small business. S/he is not funny, valid or even of interest to anyone with any brains. The rants on her/his site are getting old and annoying.

Unless you are a business selling web ads or you are looking to market a commercial product, then the amount of “unique web site visits” may be important if whether or not a web analytic reveals a large reader base. But let’s face it, the web is all about niche interest for most online readers. Sites like most commentary blogs or non-commercial entities are not concerned with such information. What matters is if some segment of the population, no matter how small or large, gives a shit about the content of any particular website. In some cases the writers and viewers of most web sites care less about the volume of viewers than they do about the individuals who might find something of interest on there particular site that they simply will not find anywhere else.

For example, no where else will you find the content as specific and unique as what you might find on website posted in small neighborhood newspaper or some non-profit community radio or TV outlet, etc. It’s pointless and totally irrelevant to compare say InCity Times with the T&G or someone like WCUW radio with WTAG radio. They are based on totally different value marketing and target systems.

That angry blogger [Wondershit!!] rarely writes truthfully, and s/he should probably learn to deal with reality rather than what seems to be obvious hate or perhaps (toward you and some other organizations he un-substantially slams) appears to have some sort of perverted infatuation with the many s/he attacks. What else could it be? It’s obviously personal and that alone pretty much voids the person of any credibility even without being anonymous.

Maybe s/he needs needs psychological help, or is searching in some way to fill a void in her/his life. I hope that happens for her/him. It probably won’t though. I’d say that vanity has too strong of a hold on the person. So what? No one cares anyway.

Here’s a suggestion for that sad individual, and it comes from someone who is genuinely sorry for the losses and bad choices s/he seemed to have made in this world:

[Wondershit] You seem angry, envious of others, and constantly spewing such hatred. That must be burdensome at some point. No one but someone in a place that is as pitiful and pathetic as you seem to be in would even care or concern themselves with these obvious personal attacks. How is all of that all working out for you?

To Rose: You run your very own news paper. With a very small team – that is a tremendously huge accomplishment, especially for the length of time you have celebrated so far [10+ years!]. Some idiots envy you – they wish they could do what you do, but they obviously can’t. Surely you must expect from time to time someone may not care for your writing style or the story content. Some stand ideologically distant from you. So what? It’s up to you to choose how and what you write. Others can either choose to read your paper or choose not to. Don’t sweat the web stat attacks. It’s meaningless.

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