Our Worcester City Council – the cowards

This just in! A press release from the Mayor’s office. A slap in the face to the good people who want the city council to REJECT a host agreement/tell the gaming guys to LEAVE WUSTA! Immediately! We do not have to agree to a host agreement. The city council can direct the city manager to tell the gambling guys: This city is not interested in slots. This city is not interested in environmental injustice. This city will not exploit the area’s poorest folks. GO AWAY.

But they are doing the opposite! Our city leaders are too lazy to do real economic development, too lazy to go to cities that are luring light industry to their municipalities and to pick these cities’ leaders brains so Wusta leaders can also lure good paying jobs to Wusta –  for its low skilled folks, folks who need a leg up – not a slot machine addiction.  We need leaders to hire a crack economic development team to go out and RECRUIT LIGHT INDUSTRY to Worcester and think outside the box. Let’s do economic development right! Let’s not grab at this deal with the devil because our downtown is a ghost town and we are desperate.

No slots parlor for the Wyman Gordon site!!!

AND: Let’s remember this new  political nadir during election time. Let’s remember that no city councilor – except for Konnie Lukes – made his/her opinion public. The biggest piece of economic development to come down the pike in years – and not a peep from our elected officials, people who we vote into office to represent our best interests, people who will gas on and on and on about food trucks. People who bloviate over pit bulls. BUT HAVE NOTHING TO SAY about this mammoth project.

Here’s the mayor, trying to big foot the anti-slots crowd. I have made some sentences bold.   – R. Tirella


Last night a motion was made on the floor of the City Council, “That the City Council of the City of Worcester in accordance with state law, does herby authorize the City Manager to negotiate a community host agreement with the intention of placing this document before the people of this community so that they may exercise their right to be educated and to vote on this all important topic.”

This order is endorsed by: Mayor Petty, Councilor Economou, Councilor Eddy, Councilor Germain, Councilor O’Brien, Councilor Palmieri, Councilor Rivera, Councilor Rushton, Councilor Russell, Councilor Toomey.

This order is not an endorsement by the council of the proposed slot parlor. This order is to request the City Manager to negotiate the best host agreement on behalf of the residents.

It is not our purview to decide if gaming is right or wrong or should or shouldn’t happen. Gaming is coming to Massachusetts – that is a fact. What is our purview is to make sure the developers who have selected Worcester as their preferred location have a full understanding of our community.

This decision will not be one forced down upon anyone. Nor will it be without significant public participation and nor will it be anyone but the voters who ultimately decide if we have a slot parlor in the City.

What we pledge to you is that we will fight for the best agreement we can get. We pledge we will make sure every voter in the City ofWorcester has the accurate information to make an informed decision at the polls.

Joseph M. Petty



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