Owning InCity Times: a job like no other!

On road getting the ICT 13’th anniversary issue together:

Saw a scrawny, tattooed-covered kid sitting outside a three decker. He had this huge pit bull with him. The dog’s tongue was rolled out to the sidewalk. Panting so hard his rib cage was going up and down, wildly, like it was gonna burst outa his athlete’s body. I had just brought my dog Jett home because of the heat. I called to the kid:

“Here! Take my dog’s water bowl – and this jug is filled with water!”

He was so grateful, so sweet as he took the stuff – in the middle of inner-city traffic! It wasn’t, but it felt like a grand gesture!


Yesterday I was at a pizza shop and a little boy – about 4 years old – seemed mesmerized by me. He walked over to me, grabbed my hand, kissed it – THEN BIT IT! HARD! I said: owww!

Off went mommy and little boy.

I checked for blood and tried to remember when the last time I had a tetanus shot.

Lucky for me it hurt like the devil, but the little devil didn’t break the skin!

Hand sanitizer in the car…cool Tammy W. and George Jones CD to blast in the summer heat. And I was good to go!

Love this job!!!

– R. Tirella