PART 2: City of Worcester’s toxic nepotism extravaganza!!!

By Rosalie Tirella

How lovely to wake up this morning and be greated by a toxic voice mail message (which I have recorded in my cell phone) by (most likely) a City of Worcester employee who is pissed that I suggested that Bob Moylan, head of the city’s Department of Public Works and Parks Department -and the City of Worcester – advertise for City of Worcester job openings. I saw a great 1/4 page ad in The Banner, Boston’s African American newspaper, that very directly and simply sent out a call to ALL plumbers, welders, snow-plowers, etc – especially African American ones – to fill out job applications in order to do subcontracting work (plowing, plumbing, etc) for the City of Boston. The ad listed more than 30 jobs that people could apply for and told folks how to go about doing this: visiting a City of Boston Municipal Office and getting the application to fill out or going on-line to download and complete a job application. Also, a City of Boston phone number was listed, in case any one wanted more details/help. Mayor Tom Menino (I think) proudly placed his name at the bottom of the ad. He wanted all to see: We in Boston play fair – we want to open up the process/system to minorities. (Which I believe is happening. Go to Boston, Hartford or Springfield and just see how many minorites are teaching in their public schools, working in their City Halls or public libraries! Worcester is so far behind, it’s pathetic. No make that – We’re pathetic.)

But I digress. Contrast that Boston Banner newspaper ad, that paen to open government, to THE WORCESTER WAY – the nepotism golden ($$) brick road! – the road that is lined with the bodies of brothers and cousins and pals of DPW staffers (and let’s not start examining the WPS department). When have you ever seen an ad like the one I just described placed in the T & G or other papers in town – especially ones that are minority owned?

So this guy (the called who left a message on my cell) is pissed and, of course, like most pissed off guys (as they have, from the beginning of time) call me a slut, whore, blah, blah, blah. Like they always do to strong willed women making a good point – and threatening their $$$$/power.

Cool your engines, asshole! Ya want more proof of how Worcester will never be a first class city if it keeps the money flowing amongst the same 200 or so families?

Example #1 – Mike Lavin. The guy used to be a janitor for the City of Worcester. He also ran for District 2 City Councilor five or so years ago against incumbent (pinhead) Phil Palmeiri.

Now Mike Lavin retires from years of working for the City of Worcester. He gets his health benefits courtesy of Worcester, a great pension – 80% of his regualr pay, and …

Guess what? He is back for more dough! MIKE LAVIN STILL WORKS FOR THE CITY OF WORCESTER!!!! AS A PLUMBING “SUBCONTRACTOR.” RECENTLY, HE WAS DOING work for our lovely Worcester Police Department, where of course, his son is a cop. Of course, he is, Mike.

The plumbing job Mike did for the Worcester Police Department, was a good blue collar job – any plumber would want to do work for the WPD/City of Worcester!

So why didn’t the City of Worcester call for plumbers to do stuff for them at the WPD – instead of regurgitatig Mike Lavin.

And so the incestuous, sick, money-grubbing cycle – filled with retreads like Lavin who double and triple dip at all sorts of city jobs on the taxpayers’ dime is rewarded! And on! And on! And on! These people know they have the system beat because the system has been so hermetically sealed for so long City Manager Mike O’Brien (bless his soul) and Mayor Joe O’Brien (who could lead on this issue for the minority community!! Let’s talk jobs, joe!!) do nothing.

LET’S STOP THE INSANITY WORCESTER! LET’S OPEN UP! LET’S SEE NEW PEOPLE WORKING (even on occasional jobs) in Worcester. We have horrible economic times – people would kill to get their foot in the door here. A $5,000 job – or $500 job could help a family that isn’t “connected” pay a bill, etc.

Why is it that every Worcester cop or fireman has a second job doing plumbing, electrical work, carpentry etc? So they can be hired by the City of Worcester and get even more money than their $100,000 salaries!!

Let’s stop the madness, City manager Mike O’Brien and Mayor Joe O’Brien!

LET’s: Keep retreads like Mike Lavin from abusing the system. Put an ad like the one I saw in the Boston Banner in the T & G and watch the hundreds of job applicants come through the doors/apply. Watch the people who need work get work in these brutal economic times – instead of continuing to let hogs like Lavin, City Councilor Joff Smith (see my previous posting) and the members of the rest of the good ol’ boy network stuff themselves even more. The pigs.

Let’s see African Americans, Latinos, women, South east Asian, people from other parts of our fair city get these jobs!!!

Or at least have the chance to apply for them.

Take out the ad, Mssrs. O’Briens (Mike and Joe)!

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