Piedmont: For Christmas, Chandler Elementary School wishes for …

… a play-scape! (its students do!)

Drive around Worcester and you will see a fantastic play area at Flagg Street School on Flagg Street! Take a look at the jungle gym at the Quinsig school! Super! So many of our public elementary schools have great play areas for our kids.

But deep in inner-city Worcester we have Chandler Community School’s playground – empty, stark … depressing! Unlike almost every other Worcester public elementary school, Chandler has NO JUNGLE GYM, NO basketball court, no NOTHING in its school yard. And look at that back door! (I had to take pics to show you how bad things were in back!)

Let’s go, City Manager Ed Augustus, Mayor Petty and WPS super Boone! Build a real play area for some of the city’s neediest kids!   – R. Tirella