Politics Sunday: CONGRESS SHOULD NARROW FOCUS OF TRUMP IMPEACHMENT … and … Woo City Council endorsements

By Steven R. Maher

I think the Democratically controlled House made the right decision to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump over the Ukrainian arms sale.

Trump crossed the opaque line and acted illegally when he slowed down the arms sales to the Ukrainians making arms sales to the Ukraine contingent upon that country publicly investigating presidential candidate Joe Biden – the political opponent Trump fears most. But I think that Congress’s charges against Trump should begin and end with one single count: that Trump committed an impeachable offense when he delayed shipment of needed anti-tank weapons to the Ukrainian army. This is especially true when we consider that the funding was approved by a veto-proof, bi-partisan majority.

Do I think that Trump committed other impeachable offenses that further investigation will reveal?

Yes. But do I think it’s necessary to prosecute Trump at this time for these other offenses? No. Trump can be impeached and removed from office only once. Why distract from what is the Democrat’s strongest hand?

Impeaching Trump on one offense will remove him from the Oval Office totally. There is one uncontested set of facts here, with the evidence to back it up provided by both the White House and Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. If you listen carefully when Republican Congressmen come on television regarding the Ukrainian episode, they say Trump’s actions do not “rise to the level foe an impeachable offense.” This type of language is often used in courts to justify turning a case over to a judge. Questions of law in civilian courts are decided by judges, not a jury.

Narrowing the case against Trump down to one episode will prevent a Republican filibuster by allowing GOP Congressmen to drag in all sorts of outside characters and issues. (Under the law, only the Senate allows a filibuster by that body. But effectively, the Republicans would be filibustering by using a search for competing facts to form a factual basis to deny an impeachment charge.)

The Republicans would like nothing better than to spend the next year on 50 impeachment charges. That would delay it until after the 2020 election.

The Democrats made this mistake with the Mueller probe, which Trump effectively bogged down in a host of tweets and counterclaims, causing Mueller to waste time and money fishing Trump’ ocean of red herrings. Which, of course, Trump and the Republicans denounced Mueller for!

Right now, the Democrats should focus on one crime and one charge of impeachment. If the Republicans resort to chicanery to defeat this one count impeachment charge, the outrage of the American people will likely be reflected at the polls in November 2020.



Worcester, RE-ELECT JOSEPH PETTY: mayor and city councilor at large! CECELIA file photo:Ron O.

REMEMBER, Worcester – VOTE☑️🗳️ TUESDAY, NOV. 5😊🇺🇸🇺🇸!

By Rosalie Tirella

If you live in my neighborhood, that means you cast your ballot at THE NEW BLACKSTONE CANAL VISITOR’S CENTER – located at the bottom of McKeon Road! Plenty of free parking! Great lil’ museum that chronicles the history of Blackstone River Road (the old Millbury Street) and Greenwood Street (Quinsig Village) – a Swedish mill neighborhood that is now African, Latino and the white kids and grandkids of those factory workers! Very diverse – OLD AND NEW WOO!♥️

One of the African small businesses in Rose’s neighborhood.

We are asking you to vote for the folks we endorsed in this issue of CECELIA: Candy Carlson, Sarai Rivera, Morris Bergman, Etel Haxjiaj – and especially Mayor Joseph Petty and Matt Wally.These two guys want to keep the apartments of the old 3-deckers in Worcester UP TO CODE and AFFORDABLE. That’s HALF the housing stock in Worcester! Where our working class and working poor live! MATT WALLY wants each apt inventoried by the City to see that the stoves work, heaters work, porches are legal, etc. Mayor Joe Petty wants to give landlords $$grant money so they can fix their apts – if they KEEP them affordable. Hooray for safe 3 deckers! habitable homes! ♥️♥️♥️

Pics: Rose T.