By Steven R. Maher

Letters Whitey Bulger sent from prison reveal that the “Boston gangster raved about the president, and railed against ex-special counsel Robert Mueller” according to NBC News.

Bulger apparently carried on a brisk correspondence, sending hand-written notes to a variety of individuals, including one of the jurors who voted to convict the former South Boston crime boss. The subjects included Bulger’s health, his girlfriend Catherine Grieg who was arrested with him in 2011, special counsel Robert Mueller, the death of a juror’s son in the opioid crisis, and the heavy dosing of LSD Bulger received from the CIA when he volunteered to be a guinea pig in the “MK-Ultra” program.

But the biggest surprise was Bulger’s constant praise of President Donald J. Trump. Bulger himself had problems with the Boston media. Whitey hated the Boston Globe (during the busing crisis Whitey shot up the Globe’s offices one night and fire-bombed JFK’s birthplace) and once ordered the assassination of Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr.

“Trump is tough and fights back instead of bowing down to pressure — and caving in to the press!” Bulger wrote. “U.S. agrees with hi[s] press attacking and his reaction increases his popularity — He has my vote so far.”

“Media is a bigger problem than Trump,” wrote Bulger. “Through U.S. history the media’s hunger for scoops and headlines has cost the lives of U.S. servicemen. Can cite examples.”

“Trump is fortunate to have loyalty of [conservative commentator Bill Cunningham], Rush Limbaugh + Hannity AKA ‘Little Rush,'” continued Bulger.

“Sorry to hear Trump is being boxed in by so many,” Bulger wrote of the Mueller probe. “Trump is experiencing what Mueller and company can orchestrate,” Bulger went on. “[Mueller] should observe biblical saying – ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.'”

Bulger himself believes that, despite episodes like Stormy Daniels, Trump has reformed and is now faithful to his wife Melania. “My bet is he’s happy with present wife and settled down,” Bulger said in one letter. “No way would he wind up in Oval Office with a Monica Lewinsky — That was a scandal! Same media that attacks Trump would cover up for Bill Clinton.”

Attacks Southie

South Boston was Bulger’s haven while he was running the Boston rackets. In later years Bulger said the neighborhood was ruined: “Patriotism was a part of that neighborhood,” Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen wrote on June 10, 2019, quoting from one of Bulger’s letters. “Sadly, it’s changing. Rich people moving in, Moslems, illegals.”

Commented Cullen sarcastically: “Yes, before all the yuppies and outsiders of color, everything was just swell when Whitey and his henchmen were gunning people down in Southie, shaking down anybody and anything that moved, and sinking bodies in secret graves.”

Man of the Hour

“History may show Trump was the man of the hour,” Bulger continued. “[Trump] [feels] China respects him and [is] hesitant to try to bully him.”

Yet, in a very revealing gem, Bulger sounded like one of today’s millennials in explaining why he turned to a life of crime. He mailed one letter writer a picture of himself in prison, in his younger years, and wrote her: “This was my final prison picture close to graduation and have to go out in the world to compete,” Bulger wrote. “1st job 1.25 an hour in a noisy paint shop — 2nd and final job union laborer 3.65 an hour — After that went back to what came naturally.”

One wonders if Bulger was younger and out looking for a job and ended up as laborer at $3.65 an hour, would he be singing Trump’s praises? He’d probably be out campaigning for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

But the reality is, all this means is that with Bulger no longer among the living, there’s one less vote for Trump.


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