Quick lunch by Chef Joey🇫🇷 … and an essay by him!😊


Text and pics by Chef Joey

ICT_Yum Yums-edited

So what’s for lunch? How about a quiche?

Joe Joe made this beautiful quiche🇫🇷 today!

What’s great is they are simple to make: You can add anything to them, like spinach or broccoli, or mushrooms. Or you can go all French and do ham and cheese.

The secret to a great veggie quiche is to partially cook the veggies – let them cool down and you place everything in the pie shell. Then you add your egg mixture.

The base layer is always cheese, then top it with your meat or veggies – or both – then pour on the egg mix and bake approximately 30 mins or less at 350F.

I use pre-made shells …

… as they tend to be less expensive to make and are quick. If you want to be traditional: take 2 sticks butter … Cut them up … also let them get soft. Take 2 cups flour and a pinch of salt. Add a TINY amount of cold water to get it to grab – mix well with your hands and roll out the crust.

Then fill with cheese and toppings.

For the egg filling, whip together 6 eggs and a small container of plain yogurt. I like the Greek kind:


Mix together well – pour into the shell …


… – and you are done! It’s great with a salad!


COVID-19 in France: My Thoughts

By Chef Joey

So here we are halfway through April and decisions are being made on what to do about the “Corona Virus’ “covid 19.” Being housebound by a mandatory curfew here in France I get to see lots of social media, some fun posts – and many disturbing ones, such as people wanting to go to the beach.

Sand harbors disease, people spread disease … And if the rest of the world is on “protection mode” so shouldn’t the USA! In 1918, in America, during the “Spanish Flu,” when Americans wanted to have parades, post World War I – cities that did not have parades survived, but cities that did, like Philadelphia, were “piling up corpses like firewood.”

Here in France, we must wear a facemask that is provided by the town. We must wash hands and wear gloves but, most importantly, Stay Home. To leave our homes we have to print out a form that explains the purpose of our travels and the time you left your house. The form has civil information, like address and birthdate, and being out for the following reasons: Essential employee, a pharmacy run, bringing food to the elderly, essential food shopping, and personal exercise and or dog walking. Quite simple. And the walking: Yes, it’s stay within 1 kilometer of your residence – and wear a mask.

These simple tasks are paramount to people regaining their lives again. Bars and restaurants are currently closed here🇫🇷 until mid-July. Hotels are closed as well – this too shall pass! The streets here are sprayed down every day to prevent the spread of the disease. Places that have foot traffic, like pharmacies, grocery store sidewalks and ATMs are done first – then the rest of the streets are done.

Children are restricted unless completely necessary to go to stores, as are the elderly, and social distancing is paramount – and enforced everywhere.

I do not look at this as my rights being taken away. I look at this as something serious because in the final stages of the disease, the patient is quarantined off and left to pass away on their own. No one to hold their hand, no one to kiss goodbye. Even in death there is no public celebration, no funerals allowed … of course, weddings are stopped as well.

So we will remember 2020 as an off year when the world was on hold, and I will be glad to have stayed home and stayed healthy to tell the story to (hopefully!) a grandkid or two!