Quitting on Bernie

VOTE!!!! pic:R.T.

By Marianne Baldino (Worcester Bernie devotee!)

Let me preface this by saying we all had a tough week last week – California was virtually stolen from Bernie, and Obama and Warren endorsed Hillary who is the “PRESUMED” nominee. I understand that. However, let’s put things into context here.

Did any of you supposed Bernie supporters hear Bernie, himself, concede ANYTHING?

Did any of you supposed Bernie supporters hear him ENDORSE Clinton?

Well, no, you didn’t because HE DIDN’T. The man is tough – the man is strong – the man FIGHTS for what he believes in – the question is, therefore, ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH, ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH, ARE YOU WILLING TO FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN?????

As of the current moment, the operative word here is PRESUMPTIVE nominee.

That’s right, PRESUMPTIVE. DO you want to know why? It’s because Hillary DOES NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF PLEDGED DELEGATES AT THIS POINT!!! There’s also the little matter of an FBI investigation still pending and a whole lot of other ugly stuff coming out. Bernie would be a fool to drop out, and we would be fools not to continue to support him!

I would hope with all my heart and soul that NONE of you will give up yet and feel all is lost – IT ISN’T.

What revolutionary ever said a revolution would be easy? Are you willing to fall into the trap the Clintons have set for you? Do you know what that trap is? Well, let me tell you – Oh my goodness, Trump is so awful that if it’s not Bernie, I should throw my support behind Hillary. THAT’S WHAT THE TRAP IS – THAT’S WHAT HER CAMPAIGN IS BANKING ON!!! Wake UP! She’s counting on you NOT to have a backbone! She’s counting on you to be so frightened that you would NEVER risk a Trump presidency.

Bernie is going to the convention, I’m going to the convention, friends of mine are going to the convention to FIGHT for what is right and true – a government for the people and by the people, NOT by the corporations that now pull our strings and tell US what to do. I’m done … I’m IN IT TO WIN IT!! BERNIE’S IN IT TO WIN IT!

So, if you felt strongly about Sanders before, if you were willing to do what you could to help him win, YOU MUST STAY WITH HIM UNTIL HE SAYS IT’S OVER. It’s a long way to November. California votes are being flipped as we speak.
Bernie is a smart man and knows what he’s doing. Put your trust in him and leave all your “what if’s” behind. Otherwise, whatever you have done for the campaign, whatever you have felt about Sanders, becomes a sham, and we become SELL OUTS.

Don’t sell your soul to the devil – keep fighting the good fight, keep on helping to do what you can for Sanders and above all, turn off main stream media that is deliberately poisoning your mind.

Bernie’s a winner, and if we stick with him, we will be too!

My last question for all of us is this – are we willing to support and nominate a candidate who committed fraud, voter suppression, electioneering in polling sites and who knows what else just to gain the highest office in the land?

Is this who we are?

I think not!

So for God’s sake, stay with Bernie, don’t get discouraged, and BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY!