Remembering Evelyn

By Ron O’Clair

My mother’s name was Evelyn. She died of a massive coronary when I was 16 in 1977 when she was 46.

One day she was there, and the next she was not.

As of this Mother’s Day, 41 people are directly descended from her, and continue to multiply as the years go by. She did live ling enough that she was a grandmother before she died, and would be a great-grandmother to 18 children were she alive today.

She loved all of her own children, and their children, and I know she would have had room in her heart for all those that have come since she died, she was that type of person, very giving of herself for other’s.

As Mother’s go, I suppose she was better than some, and not as good as other’s, but to me she was the best mother a boy could have had growing up. She taught me the difference from right and wrong, and to believe in God, Country and family. She taught me to respect the law and obey the Ten Commandments as I went about living my own life. She taught me to be kind to other people and animals, and the satisfaction that comes with giving of oneself for the benefit of other people.

As I live my life, I try always to remember the example that she set for me, and to live up to her expectations. I know that she would be proud of me no matter how I turned out, but am glad that I had the benefit of having had a mother like mine. So many other children out there don’t have proper guidance or upbringing, and it shows up in how they act out in public. My mother would have been mortified if I behaved like the people around here do on a daily basis. There seems to be far more idiots running around nowadays, but maybe it is because I am getting older and see things differently.

Times have changed since 1977, but good manners never go out of style. I like to think that my mother would have been proud of me even though I never became rich and famous, simply because I still adhere to the values she instilled in me and try always to behave in a manner that would have pleased her.

I wish I had told her more often how much I loved her in return for her loving me no matter what kind of grief I gave her while she was alive, and urge those of you out there who still have a mother to take this time to let your own mother know how much you love them while they are alive to appreciate it. I loved my mother, she loved me without question or condition.

I miss you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day, with love always and forever, Ronald L. O’Clair.

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