Revenge of the empire

By Cheez Whiz

In Massachusetts you might actually call it a “Coming Out Party.” I am talking about previously unknown folks (all white males natch) announcing themselves as candidates for U.S. Congressional seats. I am talking about all the new challengers to the once (still) dominant Democratic party here. While the challengers are going for seats in the U.S. Congress, the domination of one party rule is still happening at the state house level. That is why it has been so difficul;t for any governor in the last six decades to make meaningful things happen
Watching a guy like Bob Spellane position this past year has been about as interesting and gutwrenching as watching a Christian thrown to the Roman lions. About 6 months aga he wrote a piece in the Telegram and chose to call his union supporters “working families”. That’s wrong, Bob, because “working families” are the type who have total household income in the $40-80K range. Almost any one of your supports has at least one member making that much. At the very least, it’s misleading.

The other thing that he did around that time was write a letter to the Telegram supporting the Umass Law School. Nice way of getting yourself a fat state job in the Umass system after this gig is up, Bob. Admittedly I favor that especially since Southeastern MA has a lot less going for it than we do in central MA. (i.e. Hookers in New Bedford are really obvious too. What if that woman were your mother? Or your daughter?)

Amy Bishop. Love the hairstyle, Aimbo. I think it’s gonna be the next Rachel or the next Dorothy Hamill. How old are you, 12?

This, of course, is the professor who killed three in Alabama after being denied tenure. First of all, I do know something about nutty families. Poor Amy was too emotional back in Braintree, so they couldn’t interview her for eleven days. What the F is that? If you or I did the same thing to our sibling, do you think we would have eleven days—or even eleven minutes? Plus, the mother was some sort of town official in Briantree. What dirt did she have on the police chief? Imagine your spouse or relative was killed in Alabama last week? Wouldn’t you be inclined to sue the state of MA or at least the town of Braintree? What it may come down to is that the Amy Bishop saga is –yet another—chink in the armor of MA’s one party politics.

Deval-McGovern. I love the re-positioning efforts by Deval and McGovern in the last week. The image of Deval in a baseball cap to appear as a regular guy. And in today’s paper they were spouting of the “proper” use of stimulus funds for a Marlborough company. But let’s not forget where they FIRST placed those funds! They put that money into the salaries of municipla union fatcats, not you and me.
It has been amazing hearing new Republican candidates coming

Joe and Lisa—I am honestly thrilled for Mayor Joe and Lisa and their two new kids. Thrilled. When I became a parent, it was like the scales fell from my eyes and I saw how all of society is focused on families and raising kids. Every effort since has been on making their lives and environment better –including this column! Now exactly where is Joe gonna play ball this spring? Is a basketball hoop going up soon? How about bikes? Maybe the folks are nearby Stone Soup will help out.

DON CORLEONE (Jordan Levy) – Jordan Levy — did anyone hear Jordan admit that he voted for Scott Brown? It was kind of a shock because he ‘d kept mum for so long. No problem, Jordan, I voted for him too. Like you, there is a D next to my name at City Hall. You have taught me a lot about how City Hall works, and I am grateful. I am particularly happy to hear you sort of putting McGovern-Murray-Patrick lately. Prior to the November elections Jordan ranted daily on Konnie Lukes.
School Committee – Perhaps kudos are deserved for Melinda Boone for at least initiating talks about restructuring the school system. I, too, have felt that the old system of a Classical High School for the college bound, more Voke education, etc were good ideas. Glad to hear that there is some flexibilty.

The Village of Pregmont—this is the area of Pleasant Street that houses Planned Pregnancy and the antiabortionist group across the street. It is between the Paulie’s “Village of Piedmont” and Lietrim’s.
Haiti—Kudos to Nicholas Sarkozy for even going there. I kinda have expected that Obama would all along. But, please. Let’s not have phony opportunists posing for cameras. So maybe a visit from Palin won’t be far behind either. I think I saw Russia on her behind.

The New Walmart—I love that the new Walmart is so close to Worcester because it makes it even easier for us unwashed Worcesterites to buy Chinese goods.

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