Road trip to Connecticut with a gal pal yesterday afternoon …

… Then back to Worcester to visit UNIQUE FINDS ANTIQUE AND VINTAGE GIFT SHOP at 1329 Main St., Worcester, with two other gal pals! It’s so nice to have feisty femme friends! We debate contemporary issues and gossip wildly/wickedly! My gal pals are so smart … FUN!

Anyways, UNIQUE FINDS IS OPEN MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS UNTIL 7 P.M. They are ALWAYS open! 7 days a week, until 7 pm!

The folks there told me they did gangbusters business at Brimfield! Hooray! I watched the guys unpacking a bunch of cool new UNIQUE FINDS for the shop …

Check this shop out today! BEST PRICES!





Me, yesterday at Unique Finds, saying au revoir to my InCity Times summer break! New ICT issue comes out this FRIDAY!

text and photos – Rosalie Tirella