Ron O. comes upon Mass. State Police K-9 unit training session in S. Worcester … and more🥠

Ron O’Clair’s photos, last week:

lots of participants …

amazing working dogs!

These beautiful heroes deserve the best life after hours and on their days off!

Intelligent and heroic!

Our Massachusetts state police working dogs EARN the best retirement – the taxpayers want it so! These dogs’ jobs are so stressful they’re old before their time and ready to rest at age 7 or so years! In a loving forever home! Not locked away, isolated, in a backyard kennel! – Rose T.

☮️From the Mass State Police☮️:

These photographs are from an ongoing narcotic detection school for members of our K9 Section.

The [above] images show them detailing techniques of motor vehicles.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and the unit, under the direction of its commander, Lt. Erik Ramsland, goes to great pains to teach a methodical, section by section search of vehicles (a similarly methodical process is taught for any types of searches, i.e. building searches etc.).

Often, the dogs work on the exterior of a vehicle for a week before even being introduced to the passenger compartment.

The scent detection school lasts weeks. We train odor recognition of several types of narcotics.




From Ron O:

As I was heading over to Camp Street I happened upon a large number of Massachusetts State Police K-9 SUV’s parked outside of a towing/storage facility on Southgate Street.

It had just been in the news about the police having found a dead body in a van at a tow yard, and here I see the State Police sniffing all around a mini-van which I immediately assumed to be for training the dogs to react to the smell of decomposing bodies. It got my curiosity sufficiently aroused to demand that I stop and find out if my hunch was correct, or what was the real story behind what I had witnessed.

Come to find out I was wrong about the cadaver dog training.

That was not the same van the police discovered the day before with the dead person inside.

Turns out it was a regularly scheduled Narcotics Detection School for K-9 officers the Massachusetts State Police conducts there on a regular basis.





He’s old but still gorgeous, and his voice is STILL spectacular! The sexiest guy in the building – for all times!: