Rose’s Grace❤❤❤❤


Photos of my first dog, Grace, a WARL rescue, back when the Woo animal rescue league had 10 kennels with 60-watt bulbs on wires hanging into them for light (before the big remodel) and dogs were “put down” after a week or so. I adopted Grace when the staffer told me: She’ll be put down at the end of the week if no one takes her.

Rose and Grace!

❤GRACE WAS SO LOVABLE! She was found in Main South, on the streets. She was an older dog, 4+ years old. But she was a love bug: she JUST WANTED TO BE CLOSE TO ME and JUMPED UP TO LICK MY FACE about 10 times! … Never owning a dog, not yet realizing what a huge responsibility they are, my heart turned somersaults over Grace and I said with love and determination: I’LL TAKE HER!!!❤❤❤❤

🐶And so my love story with dogs began …

💙the pics: Grace looking pretty in pink (new collar). Gracie and me visiting my mom. More Grace … 25 years ago.




– Rosalie Tirella