Senator, have you no shame?

By Jack Hoffman

It’s about the second week of September: It didn’t take long for the post convention Pailin balloon to begin loosing some air – Two interviews on ABC and Katy Couric and we now understand why the McCain campaign is keeping her away from the press. The polls are beginning to turn the Mc Cain convention bounce around almost 4- 5 points -Obama once again regains the lead.

In one of the more theatrical moments of the chase McCain announces he is suspending his campaign to save the nations economy with a rescue of the bailout bill. That’s not before he has dinner on Park Ave with some contributors, cancels the David Letterman Show to catch his plane (The Gallant White Horse) instead sneaks out the back door for a brief interview with Katy Couric- I suppose to nullify some of Sarah’s beauties.

All the while Palin and others continue their snipes. McCain announces a meeting at the White House with all the important players to plan a strategy to pass a ridiculous and wasteful recovery bill- Two problems – he never speaks at the meeting and he gets scooped by his own party that promised to deliver enough votes to carry the bill. (The second bill)

Saddened, lost, and embarrassed by his own party he sticks around to vote on a third bill that has over $180 billion in earmarks. Senator wasn’t that the strength of your campaign to get rid of pork? Well, who dares take on the champion of the people the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce the real villains who love to dine on pork for the corporations they represent.

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