SHANE, one of my …

… favorite Westerns, even though last night, I watched STAGECOACH for the 10th time! The film is sorta cliched, as far as Indians vs the Calvary, the  hooker with a heart of gold, etc but director John Ford makes his movie LOOK GORGEOUS and I love the chemistry between John Wayne and his leading lady, Claire Trevor (a beautiful AND super actor). Usually, I don’t like the way Ford handles the main female characters in his movies. He sets them up with Wayne, Mature, Stewart … and they act like little screechy girls. But in STAGECOACH everything feels so right between Wayne and his lady love. Watch the ENTIRE movie, below.

Click here for more fave Westerns, as voted by the readers of The Guardian. Of course, THE SEARCHERS made the cut.

I hope some of our WPS highschool teachers are showing these films in class and talking about American Westerns as art and how they show America re: its racism, heroic tendencies, greed, love of religion, etc. … Cool stuff. – R. Tirella

Readers' 10 best: Shane

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