Sheriff candidate Lew Evangelidis gets pissed at us! Oooooh!! We’re so scared!!

By Rosalie Tirella

File this under: The Creepy Lew Evangelidis, Part 2

This threat to InCity Times would come from a creepy political candidate (Worcester County Sheriff candidate Lew Evangelidis), a politician who is having his political minions write negative letters to area newspapers re: his political opponent, Tom Foley. Yup! Let’s have all my pals slime Foley! Quick! Quick! Quick! Let’s do it under the radar – the sliming – so I can still look clean!

So it came as no surprise to me when I heard that Evangelidis called someone else to tell me he was was planning to sue me over my writing in a recent InCity Times blog (see below) that Lew acted “coked out” when I met him to chat at a local coffee shop. During our mini-interview, Evangelidis was talking a mile a minute and acting super hepped up. Like he was: coked up.

Oh, cocaine! Lawyers made calls about me, then I was told Lew is a prosecutor … and he wanted the coked out reference out … OR ELSE!!!

My guy, who has seen his fair share of courtrooms, shook his head. “He’s trying to scare you. Don’t pull it.” (the phrase)

He should know. He is in the process of being sued (again) and knows the law as well as any Supreme Court Justice! AND he has a better record (wins more of his cases in court than the other side/most lawyers!).

His advice: Hang Tough, Rose.

Like I haven’t before!

And why not?

Evangelidis is a political figure – a current state rep from Holden – running for an important political office. Not a little private citizen living his life in a condo and working as an accountant in Metro West. AND: I have a right to meet him – this political figure – and describe to my readers/the voters what I saw. And I can describe Lew’s style – creepily hyper intense – any way a like. Even if it’s using slang.

This was all made very clear to me a few days ago as I watched the brouhaha re: the Jon Stewart Show and CNN’s firing of their news anchor Rick Sanchez. In a show last week Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart did exactly what I did, re: Lew!! He said CNN’s Sanchez acted coked out (I did not see the show before I wrote my blog!). Actually, Stewart was funnier than I (of course). He said Sanchez acted like the coked out guy at the party, the guy jammed in the corner talking to himself a mile a minute about … ants.

Well, Sanchez, like our Lew Evangelidis, freaked! He went on his CNN show and blasted Jon Stewart, finally adding that Jews run CNN’s news room – Jews run most of American media. Well, CNN did not like these comments, this blatant race baiting. CNN fired Sanchez.

So, Lew, chew on that!

Abd stop acting so coked out!

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