Sinatra! – an American classic (and then some)

I was gonna post some holiday music by the Chairman of the Board (love him! where would 20th century American movies/song book be without Sinatra and other great Italian-Americans?!), but I found this wonderful video instead. click on link below photos:

Then I got to thinking about Etta James, who recently passed away. My sister loved her and saw her in concert years ago. Here is Etta singing the same song … and one she is famous for. Click on links below photos to hear Etta:

Anyways,ย I love Sinatra’s middle-aged stuff – saloon songs, September of my years songs. So here are a few more Sinatra tunes. Saw him years ago at the old Worcester Centrum. He was old and couldn’t wrap his voice around the notes the way he could in his hey day, but it was still a fantastic concert. It was still …. Sinatra! (click on links below).

THEN one of these Sinatra songs made me think of the transcendent JUDY GARLAND! I love Judy! My mom did too – adored her and sang her songs (not very well) to us kids when we were growing up in Green Island. Music meant so much to her and my Polish grandmother (polka hour on the radio every Sunday!) and my Italian father (he would sing Sinatra in this very deep, funny voice – not bad!) and us kids (bubble gum pop, please!). So … ย here is Judy doing one of the songs Frank is singing above. Love the way she sings it – love the movie she sings it in. Have seen it at least 10 times! Great movie to savor during the holidays. Thank you, Baby Jesus, for the American Songbook! Click on link below to watch Judy video:

– R. Tirella

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