So the Worcester Public School teachers want a contract …

By Rosalie Tirella

… and they, of course, are making asses of themsleves – totally out of touch with America’s 14% poverty rate, and almost 10% unemployment rate, totally oblivous to the fact that few AVERAGE American workers (professional or blue/collar) bring down $100,000 a year salaries – the way many of our Worcester Public School teachers do. Our school principals make around $130,000. Other professionals in our public school system make more than/around $100,000, too!


Which is why Mayor Joe O’Brien this week called for an “objective” court-appointed mediator to step in and save the City of Worcester from these hogs.

I had lunch with one of my former Worcester Public School teachers a few months ago – a wonderful human being. A person who, like many teachers in the good ol’ days of WPS, went into teaching because she was absolutely passionate about kids and learning. “To be with you kids – oh, it was so special – … ” (How many WPS teachers would say that about their former pupils?)

Anyways, this former WPS teacher, a person who worked overtime many a day in our city schools (FOR FREE) and did wonderful things for students (FOR FREE) like rescue hundreds of used WPS text books out of WPS dumpsters to drive them to a boys’ residential school, was amazed – absolutely amazed! – that today the City of Worcester has a boat-load of teachers who make around/more than $100,000 a year!

$100,000 a year!


And that princely sum does not include the teachers’ great pension plan, great vacations, great health benefits for which the TEACHERS UNION MEMBERS STILL PAYS ONLY 20% of their HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS. (I know lots of folks who work in the private sector who pay 50%!!!)

So, WPS teachers, you would think, would be greatful that they are doing incredibly well in these horrible economic times. You would think our teachers would sign a new contract with the City of Worcester with grace – and thanks.

But no. Our public school teachers stormed this week’s Worcester School Committee meeting demanding, among other things, more dough! More money! More money for all the “extra” hours they put in after school.

They ought to be ashamed of themselves. How many professionals and small biz owners and just passionate working folks put in 50 or 60 or more hours a week? Tons. I am one of them! No one gives me extra money for caring and having passion.

Message to the WPS teachers: Let’s cut the selfish crap and work with the City of Worcester – now through a mediator – and get a contract. Don’t ask for more dough – don’t ask to be paid for the extra hour or two you had your fat fannies glued to your desks correcting vocab papers or maybe (and I know you like to do this) the hour or 2 or 3 you spent decorating your classrooms.

Be community spirited. Do the right thing. Think of Worcester. Think of this city’s future.

The City of Worcester is cash strapped and can’t afford to keep paying you more and more money and paying higher and higher insurance premiums. City Manager MIke O’Brien has already used federal stimulus dollars to save your jobs once. So shut the fuck up – and renew your old contract. You can make sure you work in healthy/safe buildings, you can have professional development, BUT DON’T ASK us for money.


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