Something to think about during this gift-giving season: Can angora production ever be ethical?

From The Guardian. Please, be kind to all animals! – R. T.

A shocking Peta video of a Chinese angora farm, showing live rabbits having their fur ripped off, has prompted retailers to halt orders of angora wool. So is it possible to farm these rabbits commercially and be kind to them?

Angora composite 

What price a fluffy sweater? Angora rabbits farmed in China are locked alone in filthy cages.

We’ll always have Paris, Texas. But now we’ve seenย the video of a Chinese angora farm, will we ever look at Nastassja Kinski’s backless sweater in the same way again? A rabbit is screaming, as best it can, while chunks of its wonderful soft fur are ripped away to leave just a bald, raw and bleeding body. Rows and rows more rabbits are locked alone in filthy cages, waiting for their turn.

These, according to People for the Ethical Treatment ofย Animals (Peta), based on the 10 farms they visited, are standard conditions for angora rabbits in China, where around 90% of the world’s angora wool is now produced. Certainly there are no laws there to prevent people plucking rabbits, which yields longer hairs, and thus more valuable yarn, and is quicker to do.ย Topshop, H&M, Boden, Primark and dozens of other retailers have halted orders immediately.

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