Spring fashion at Abby’s House!

It’s May in New England and the heat is still on in my house! No wonder people move south. It’s kind of difficult to gear up for the hopefully upcoming warm weather when it’s been so grim lately, but I will attempt to write about spring fashion – with Abby’s House volunteers as models. (All outfits courtesy of the Abby House Thrift Store.)

So here goes!

I know people think that it’s a talent to be able to put outfits together and accessorize them in just the right way so that you look like you just stepped off the runway but that is not necessarily the truth of the matter.

The basic truth to putting an outfit together is to find your true fashion self, what you are most comfortable in and what looks good on you. The right colors for your skin tone and hair color can be a factor but should not be taken too seriously. I know that there are company’s out there that will have you believe otherwise but I say, be bold and explore different colors, patterns and prints.

Don’t be a slave to celebrity fashion or what the glamour magazines say is in and what’s out. If you have found something that works for your body type and you feel comfortable in it then go with it. I am not saying to stick with a fashion style that went out in the 80’s (like stirrup pants), but if you feel most comfortable in pants as opposed to dresses or skits then carry on,maybe try different styles of pants, like Capri’s, wide leg, or yoga style.

We all know that what looks good on models never looks the same on regular people, if you weighed 100 lbs. Soaking wet you would look good in a burlap sack too. Unfortunately (or perhaps more realistically) the general public has real body types that include curves, fullness and slight imperfections.

I have seen full figured woman look great in clothes that fit them right, not too lose and certainly not to tight. I think that someone woman assume that if they have more fullness than others that they should attempt to cover it up with baggy clothing, not true!

Tops and pants that fit comfortable are the best look if you are somewhat over weight or full figured. Tops and bottoms that match (same pattern in both pieces) aren’t necessarily a good thing either, I think you should always wear outfits with pieces that compliment each other, I think the general rule is to wear darker on the bottom and go lighter on the top part of your body. Black bottoms always work, who doesn’t look good in black, I myself probably have at least 10-15 pairs of black pants and probably that many black skirts. It’s always easy to find something to match with black.

I tend to stay away from white on the bottom part of my body, I don’t think white flatters most figures and it tends to show off flaws (and spots) more easily.

I love the look of flowing linen in the summer. I know it wrinkles easily but that is the look of linen.

Sun dresses and sandals, with a straw hat for a sunny day event is a great look, don’t make the mistake of wearing a large brim straw hat out at night, they are meant to keep the sun off your face, not to hide your face at night time.

If you wear nail polish on your toes in the summer always be sure that the polish is fresh and not chipped or barely there, chipped toe polish is a MAJOR faux pas and cracked, dry heals isn’t too attractive either. A good pedicure is always in order on a regular basis in the summer months if you are going to wear shoes that expose your feet.

About tanning, we all know that the sun is much harsher now than when we were kids (good old global warming) and it is a known fact that the sun causes skin cancer-so why do people worship the sun in the summer months? I know the sun feels great and does provide some needed vitamins to your body but too much of a good thing is never really a good thing. I feel that a little goes on long way when it comes to the sun, people do look better with some color but in the days of old, if you had a tan it meant that you were poor and probably worked in the fields, wealthy people always were as white as snow, they walked around with umbrellas to protect them from the sun. I still see some people walking around in the summer (even when it’s not raining) with umbrellas, I think that is a very wise thing and it just seems so regal to me. With the new and improved self-tanners on the market today, there really isn’t any good reason to fry in the real sun or visit tanning booths. I have also heard of about the spray on tans (which I have yet to try) but that sounds like a good alternative to the burning rays of the sun.\

Men fashion tip: never, never wear socks with sandals, no exception to that rule.

Wife beater t-shirts are way out and those baggy jeans have got to go, along with the backwards baseball cap.

A great look for men in the summer is kaki pants or long shorts with a nice golf style shirt or dress button down shirt. Men have always had it easier, they don’t have to worry about coordinating outfits or finding the right style that looks good on them.

In closing, wear what is comfortable and don’t try to go with a completely different look over night, work gradually into a new and improved you. When you get rid of old clothes be sure and recycle them either by donating to a local favorite charity (like Abby’s House-located at 52 High Street) or passing them along to family and friends.

Recycle, Reuse, Renew!

Go green, the planet with thank you for it.