St. John’s Church Food for the Poor carries on …✝️

Text and photos by Rosalie Tirella

St. John’s Church is located on Temple Street …

… and its food pantry, fully equipped kitchen and dining room where a big breakfast is served daily are all housed in this state of the art building. Free veggies and fruit giveaway every Saturday morning!

We pray for a penitent Bill Riley and look to the future as St. John’s Church’s Father John Madden – pastor extraordinaire – and his staff/volunteers march on and continue to feed Worcester’s hungry at the St. Francis Food for the Poor complex on Temple Street, right by the iconic Green Island church. This early morning I saw so many people! Most were homeless. All were poor. I saw lots of people leaving the building, with it cheerful awnings facing pedestrians and gold cross offering salvation, after having eaten a big breakfast at St. Francis’s. Some carried plastic food bags filled with bread and such as they walked out of the building. …



I saw single folks, couples, a mom and dad with little child. Community. Across the parking lot I saw people lined up to take a refreshing shower in the mobile shower, parked to the side of St. John’s:


God’s work. God’s love.


Reflected in all …

Once I saw a young guy, a contractor, leave his big truck and run into the rectory and tell Father Madden: here, for all the good work you do. It was a $150 check. The contractor was on his lunch break – and had admired all the good things happening at St. John’s every time he drove by the church.

Today? Well, today, it’s a beautiful day and hope rises like the sun did at 5 a and … for believers, Jesus, a few millennia ago. The Food for the Poor truck and van head out of Kelley Square to pick up donations for tomorrow …
Hitting the road for Worcester’s hungry …