State Rep. Bob Spellane calls it quits

By Rosalie Tirella

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer city! State Rep. Robert Spellane is not seeking re-election! Worcester can finally cut itself loose from the cuckoo’s-nest that is State Rep. Bob Spellane’s personal life AND bizarro lapses of judgement. Such as not having to pay his mortgage on his country house for over a year BECAUSE he sat high and mighty on a Beacon Hill banking committee – and got a break from a Worcester County bank. (No conflict of interest there!) And let’s not forget his father in law is suing him for $150,000 – the loan he made to son-in-law Spellane, which Spellane never re-paid.

How low can a state rep go? Spellane’s personal life is a shambles (cheating on his wife with a girl reporter from the local cable news channel, running around a park picnic table after his brother-in-law because his ex-wife didn’t give him the $20 bucks she owed him – half the cost of a pair of sneakers they bought for their son. AND he threw car keys at her. Real adults had to separate the two “kids.” This all happened after Spellane and his wife graced the cover of a glossy Worcester magazine under the kind of headline and story that makes readers think: happy, beautiful, politically powerful couple! What’s their secret?

Apparently a shitload of Xanax.

We feel sorry for Spellane’s ex-wife. We feel more sorry for his kids.

But the important lesson: Voters don’t like it when politicians (elected officials) use their political position to get favors/breaks from banks, investment firms, lobbyists, etc. Voters do not want to see your name in the paper followed by a bunch of dollar signs. They do not want you treating your campaign war chest as if it were another personal savings account (the way Spellane did). Voters want to see you use your campaign funds for things like posters or mailings – not to buy a membership to a fancy Worcester club the way Spellane did. Nor do the voters want to see you make car payments on your new car with your campaign funds (the way Spellane did). Spellane did get called on that (breaking campaign finance laws) and had to pay a fine.

What the hell was Spellane thinking? He had a great life! Why did he screw up? Bob: Isn’t one beautiful house enough? Isn’t one wife and a couple of loving kids family enough? Why be a hog? Why not count your blessings, instead?

Spellane has decided to quit while he was behind. He will not seek reelection – maybe just in time to save his life. It’s not too late (he’s only in his mid-forties) for Spellane to finally grow up.

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