State Representative John Fresolo announces his re-election campaign

Six-term State Representative John P. Fresolo has formally announced his re-election campaign for the 16th Worcester District seat.

As a life-long resident of the 16th Worcester District, Representative Fresolo shares the same priorities and values as his constituents: public safety, education, affordable housing, transportation and the protection of our children and elderly citizens.

In Fresolo’s tenure in the Legislature he has taken great pride in securing an additional $1 Million in community policing funds for the Union Hill, Vernon Hill, Grafton Hill, Quinsigamond Village and Green Island neighborhoods of Worcester. With this funding, the Worcester Police Department has been able to add much needed neighborhood foot patrols that have reduced illegal drug use, violent crimes and gang formation in the 16th Worcester District.

Representative Fresolo has continually fought for education funding reform and affordable childcare. Rep. Fresolo and his colleagues in the House were able to secure $176,884,068 in Chapter 70 funding for Worcester Public Schools in the FY10 House Budget and he continues to fight for reform in underperforming schools.

This legislative session Rep. Fresolo filed legislation to create a “Place of Peace Cancer Garden” in the City of Worcester. The bill moved through the Legislative process and was signed into law by the Governor on August 26, 2009. The bill was filed in hopes that the garden will be a quiet, tranquil place where those suffering from cancer, or who have family members or loved ones who have cancer, can go to find solace through prayer or simple reflection. Rep. Fresolo generated this idea after speaking with many cancer survivors and sufferers in and around the Worcester Area. After consulting with his colleagues and those in the medical profession, he soon came to believe that there was more that those in state government can do to help those both in cancer treatment and recovery. The Garden is expected to be erected in the summer of 2010.

Rep. Fresolo understands the importance of beautification improvements to local roads and the effect it has on businesses in the City of Worcester. Cosmetic upgrades enable local businesses to attract and increase patronage. For the Canal District, Rep. Fresolo took the lead on acquiring $200,000 for a feasibility study that demonstrated what improvements could be made to the area to beautify it. After the completion of the study, the Rep. worked diligently with other members of the Worcester Delegation, Lieutenant Governor Murray’s office and Congressman McGovern’s office to see that the requested $7.5M was allocated in full to the Canal District. The $7.5M will provide “Streetscape” improvements for streets going through the Canal District such as Water Street, Green Street, Harding Street and Millbury Street. Today, as one drives through the Canal District, they will see banners on the light posts denoting the location of the District. Rep. Fresolo secured $75,000 for these banners which let people in the area know when they have entered the Canal District.

Realizing that much of his district is made up of hard working, mostly blue collar families, Rep. Fresolo has been instrumental in acquiring state and grant funding to allow for low and moderate income housing. A recent project in the City of Worcester in which the Representative played a pivotal role is the City Builders project. The project is intended to revitalize the South Worcester Neighborhood area. Rep. Fresolo helped to secure $2.7 million for this project. Another important project Rep. Fresolo has secured funding for is the Hadley Building Project, which brought 40 affordable housing units to the former David Burwick Furniture Building. Fresolo was instrumental in helping to obtain funding of $20,000,000 for the Hadley Building Project. Rep. Fresolo also secured $4.23 Million to ensure the opening of a 35 unit affordable senior housing complex now named the Village at Ascension Heights.

Rep. Fresolo has worked diligently to make the $300 million Rt. 146 Massachusetts Turnpike Project a reality for Central MA commuters. The project includes over $150 million dedicated solely to Worcester. Included in the project was the development and renovation of Hurley and Brosnihan Squares in Worcester, and that securing land takings and funding to widen the intersection of Cambridge and Southbridge Streets for dedicated left-hand turn lanes. Two recent projects in that construction have been completed on are the ‘Four Corners’ project and the ‘Blackstone River Road’ project. Rep. Fresolo secured almost $500,000 for this necessary land taking at Four Corners. With the closing of the Brosnihan Square exit on Route 290, drivers are required to take the College Square exit, forcing large amounts through the intersection at Southbridge and Cambridge Streets. With the improvements, Four Corners will be able to absorb the excessive traffic and keep the flow as consistent as possible. Also larger vehicles that currently have trouble turning in the intersection will be able to do so without stopping traffic in other directions. At Blackstone River Road, Rep. Fresolo is responsible for the advancement of the effectiveness of traffic flow on Blackstone River Road and Greenwood Street. This project has also brought great visual enhancements to the Blackstone River Road area with new street lights.

Fresolo stays connected with his district and constituents with active memberships in many civic organizations; the Grafton Hill Neighborhood Association, Grafton Hill Business Association, Oak Hill Community Development Corporation, College Hill Civic Association, Sons of Italy Lodge #168, East Side Improvement Club, Emerald Club, Vernon Hill American Legion Post #435, Friends of Hope Cemetery, and the Brown Square Civic Club, St. Mary’s Boosters.

The 16th Worcester District consists of precincts 1, 2, 4, and 5, of ward 5, all precincts of ward 6, and precincts 1 and 5 of ward 8 in the City of Worcester.

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