Steve’s Political Predictions – 2020 … and Iran … war??? No!!


By Steven R. Maher

My editor recently asked me for my 2020 predictions. I don’t regard myself as a modern Nostradamus, but here I go again:

👓1. President Donald Trump will Tweet something that will outrage his enemies and delight his followers. The left will denounce this as another predictable act of character assassination by the greatest arch-villain of American history. Trump will say this is all fake news, that though what he tweeted was reported accurately, it wasn’t what he meant, and that therefore he shouldn’t be held responsible because he didn’t mean what he said. To the surprise of national pundits, any controversy over the Democrats impeachment of Trump disappears because Trump will continue to tweet bomb the Democrats, sucking all the political oxygen out of the atmosphere.

👓2. The United States Senate will vote to exonerate Trump of the impeachment charges.

👓3. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be given the Nobel peace prize for trying to impeach Trump.

👓4. Worcester Congressman James McGovern will make headlines all over the globe when he denounces Trump as a 21st century Aaron Burr. Read McGovern’s remarks, Trump asks: “Who’s Aaron Burr?”

👓5. Four Republican Senators will have an attack of conscience after internal polls reveal they will be voted out of office if they give unqualified support to Trump during the Senate trial, and agree to subpoenaing former National Security Adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with narrowly drawn subpoenas, testifying only about the Ukrainian episode.

👓6. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will elope with both Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump, sneaking them out of the White House while Trump sits on the Presidential toilet in his bathrobe tweeting. Elvis Presley will appear at the wedding reception to sing “Jailhouse Rock”.

👓7. Either the Democrats or Trump will win control of the presidency and both houses of Congress in a landslide blowout in the biggest election turnout in American history. The winner of the Presidency will be the candidate whom most polls predict will lose.

👓8. William Weld will win the Massachusetts Republican Presidential primary in which thousands of Democrats and independents cross over so they can vote against Trump twice in 2020.

👓9. There will continue to be wars in the Middle East throughout 2020.

👓10. North Korea will NOT denuclearize in 2020.


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